Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Alphabet Meme

Isabelle tagged me for this a few days ago, so, jumping right in.....

Available/single? No, married thirty seven years this summer. The OC's comment? "Seems like a lifetime!" He's not much for the gushing....

Best friend? First I'd have to define "best" friend. I'd say it was someone with whom you are totally at ease, and who unconditionally accepts you, warts, smelly feet, paranoia and all. I have several dear friends from all the places we've lived, including here. But my best friend, hands down, is my sister. The OC is always in awe of how much she and I talk, and talk and talk, when we're together....

Cake or pie? My daughter's Brown Bag Apple Pie. It's actually sealed inside a paper bag as it bakes! Best ever. Followed closely by French Silk and Chocolate Pecan.

Drink of Choice? Tea, preferably Barry's, with milk and sugar please.

Essential item I use every day? Electric tea kettle. Car.

Favourite color? Blues and greens, especially together. I also like lavender and related shades....BUT! Once, when we lived in Belgium, I had a good friend, Julia. We used to meet once a week and explore different parts of the city. One day we strayed into the red light district, and somehow it came up, that in her country, Bulgaria, purple is the colour for prostitutes! So, when in Bulgaria, do not wear purple, unless of course, you're looking for some action.....

Gummy bears or worms? Neither. I'll have a heath bar or some spearmint mentos, thank you.

Hometown? Limerick, Ireland.

Indulgence? Soaking in a warm bath while reading a book or doing sudoku.

January or February? February. Sweater weather. Best time of the year in Florida.

Kids and their names? Five. They probably wouldn't want me putting them out here.

  • Liz is the oldest, no secret there, since she uses her name on her blog. We, her family, are probably the only people she knows who still call her Elizabeth. It was my grandmother's name, and is my middle name . I always thought it would have been much more satisfactory if they'd given me that as my first name. She also answers to the name of a ferocious striped animal, generally found in a zoo. Even though she is very feminine and dainty, back in infancy she had a fearsome roar.
  • If you rooted around in the British royal family, you'd find our oldest son's name.
  • Second son was named after the OC. He wanted his own identity though, so, in his teens, choose the other end of the name [it's a long one] and goes by that, for short. Which makes him sound like a Russian space station.
  • When our California Girl was born she had tiny little ears, pink and soft, folded in against her head like flower petals. Her name sounds like a flower.
  • And last, but not least [he's the tallest], our youngest son has a name like a Russian tzar.

Life is incomplete without? The OC, the human hot water bottle.

Marriage date? 22 nd. August, 1970.

Number of siblings? Two. A brother and a sister.

Oranges or apples? Apples. In pie, as is, applesauce on potato pancakes.....

Phobias or fears? None really, but I wouldn't like to be caught in an earthquake.That would freak me out for sure.

Quotes--favourite? How much time do we have? Because I couldn't possibly limit it to one ....Confucius say "Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness." "Treat your friends like family, and your family like friends." "People will forget what you said, they'll forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you will help them to become what they are capable of being." And my all time favourite, Kahlil Gibran On Children

Reason to smile? Grandchildren. Favourite songs. Blog comments.

Season? Growing up?---Summer. Here?---Spring.

Tag people? Liz and Kelli.

Unknown fact about me? In my last year of high school I was school captain. My most important duty was the ringing of the clangy old bell--such fun to make so much noise and get away with it!

Vegetable you dislike? Eggplant. Yuk.

Worst habit? Where is the OC when you need him? I have a habit of burning food. Even as I was writing this, I paused to put some eggs on to boil, to make some egg salad, set the timer for five minutes, then came back to this. Totally missed the beep, and now the house stinks---of burned.boiled.eggs. Even I have trouble believing I could do this. Who burns boiled eggs? I'm sure there are more, and worse, but this is the one assailing my nostrils at the moment.

X-rays you've had? Chest, neck and dental; mri of wrists and ankles.

Your favourite food? Potatoes. How cliche is that? I love mashed potatoes, baked potatoes [with butter, no sour cream], potato pancakes, potato soup, pierogies, potato salad, croquettes----but small servings. I don't have a big appetite.

Zodiac sign? Gemini


Isabelle said...

Ooh, I'm your first comment! Enjoyed your alphabet details. Also enjoyed your concert blog. You DO write well. Now, as ever, I must rush off up to my mother's.

aunty evil said...

I had fun reading this Molly.

I'm with you on potatoes, luv em no matter how they are served!

meggie said...

A fun read, ideed!
And I love potatoes too! but I had far too many of the lovely New Zealand ones on my trip home, & they have stayed with me, alas!

Liz said...

Laughing and laughing at the burned boiled eggs. Or as you might say in your cyber-savy way, LOL.

jkhenson said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog! I hadn't heard of "tagging" until Isabelle's blog! Your answers were fun! :)And yum: potatoes... Take care!

Diana said...

Hi Molly, thank you for stopping by and commenting on the log cabin quilt. After a week of hanging there, no particular borders seem right so I might just move on in order to get it finished. I loved the ABC meme--I have one of those human hot water bottles, too!

Lukey Barlow said...

M my name is Molly
and my husband's name is Moe,
We live on Mt. McKinley
and we make...
matzo balls!

Molly said...

L my name is Lukey
I live in Floridukey
But that's just half the truthy...
The rest is that I'm Kooky...
As a poet I'm a Rookie
Better stop before you pukey


Molly said...

Oh boy! That came out sounding tasteless and rude, though it was meant jokingly. LB is my Florida BF. Sorry Lukey...I'm on my way to the corner for a long time-out.

Lukey Barlow said...

Oh, silly you! That was funny, not rude! Come out of that corner this instant!

Stomper Girl said...

Tea and potatoes Molly? How very Irish of you.

I'm sure the Guiness is sitting sulking somewhere wondering why it didn't rate a mention.

nutmeg said...

Mmmmmm potatoes. My thighs downfall. I unfortunately don't have a small appetite!

I like the quote about people "...remebering how you make them feel..." Too true.

Reading back over your last couple of posts (yes, I'm making my way back!) I liked your inner beachcomber. I have similar compulsions. Escaping to a room, overlooking a lake or the sea....much readng, walking and SLEEPING :-)

My float said...

I love this meme, it's such an insight. I had a little giggle at the "rooting around in the British royal family" because seriously, who hasn't?!

And I think your youngest son's namesake was the father of my son's namesake. Darn, does that make sense?

Will you be posting your daughter's apple pie recipe? I have a stack of brown paper bags here that I bought for craft, except my son would rather leap off tall tables than sit down for two minutes to do craft. So I'm looking for a good use for them.

tracey petersen said...

I enjoy a sudoku too.
Love the poem to Lukey, it made me laugh.
My son's name is also a royal family member's name...I wonder if they are the same???

mjd said...

He,he looking for action in Bulgaria. I have burned boiled eggs too. In fact, I was on the phone talking forever, and the water boiled away. The eggs actually exploded, and the pan lid and eggs shot into the air. Except for the horrendous smell, I found the incident to be rather funny.

velcro said...

Ooo potatoes. MrV has just discovered hasselback potatoes which look like little roasted hedgehogs. Ok perhaps not such a nice description but they are delicious.

Liz said...

Molly, where is you?

velcro said...

Are you coming back? Please do!

Lukey Barlow said...

Please, Molly, we want some more.

Kelli said...

Molly, you've disappeared from the blog-stratosphere. I hope all is okay and you'll be posting more soon!

armando said...

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