Saturday, December 22, 2012


Rodin's the Thinker by kitamaria99
Rodin's the Thinker, a photo by kitamaria99 on Flickr.

I was up with the larks. The day was just beginning to crawl out of the east. The fruit had been soaking overnight in expensive booze. No procrastination---I'd start right in! Deep breaths, but first----coffee, and get the eggs and butter out to warm, all seven of the one and three sticks of the other....Christmas is not a time for dietary caution! Oh, and what about a nice bit of brown soda bread, slathered with butter, for breakfast?

Right, ready to roll. Three and a half cups of flour, done. Baking powder, done---careful not to mix it up and do baking soda instead, as has been known to happen.

Big swig of coffee. Thinking---it would be so nice to see the Ohio boys for Christmas......They're growing so fast, the teen years are looming! But Ohio? Cold. Brrrr!.

Next, salt and nutmeg. Whisk everything together. Feeling like a domestic goddess here! Thinking----how did it get to be the 22nd. of December so fast?? Tomorrow already the OC will be home! And please God, let that all-important letter be in the mail today for The Bean!

Onto the butter and the sugar. Beat together 'til light and fluffy. No problem. Thinking---- the shame of it all! Yesterday, the realization I hadn't sent even one Christmas card sent me scrambling to e-cards.

"What?" says the Little Blister on the phone...."no nice, hand written note?" Hanging my head in shame...."'Fraid not!" As she cackles across the distance---she's no better herself!

In go the eggs, one at a time. Even broke each into a little custard dish first. Wouldn't want the disaster of the seventh into the bowl being the dodgy one. Scrape down the bowl after each. Busy myself with drying dishes in between. Got to make sure they're well mixed! Looking good. Thinking----too bad England is so far away. It would be so nice to see them for Christmas, especially now that little grandson is nearly four, and about to get a new brother or sister!

The bowl is ready, the oven's hot. Spoon the lusciousness in, smooth the top.....Thinking.....Hope California Girl won't be too lonely.....Hope her package arrives to her in the Boonies on time!...Thinking.......Thinking----It's a little too smooth. What's missing?

Bloody hell!

The Fruit! Where's the fruit? If it was a snake I'd be in trouble---right there under my nose! 'Tis a fruit cake you're making, woman! When were you planning to put in the fruit?

Mess and daub. Extricate the batter. Stir in the fruit and try again! Hope there's no harm done.

In she goes, for better or worse.  Thinking.....It'll be so nice to have youngest and oldest sons with us on Christmas. Two out of five is not great, but we'll take what we can get!

Ah! There's the buzzer! Let's go see.......

Ta, Ta! None the worse for all the thinking!

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas! I'm holding out for Peace and Goodwill all around myself!