Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Walk by the Gulf

life Has its momentsA doctor's appointment took me south today, and after being poked and prodded and declared sound, of body at least, I was free to go. Having come so far, it seemed a waste to just turn around and head home, so I didn't.

First, to a quilt shop. It's one of the nicer ones, and I felt like I'd stepped into the middle of a rainbow. Such beautiful, vibrant colors! Didn't need anything special, but did find, way at the back, a bin of clearance priced fat quarters at fifty cents each! AND there were even some pretty ones, not just rejects....

Came out into the blue and breezy sunshine, and spotted a leafy green lane, right across the street from the quilt shop, at the end of which lane the waters of the gulf glistened invitingly. I'm a sucker for leafy green lanes. Add some water, and how can I resist? I set off, on foot, down said leafy green lane to see what I would see. It wound along between the gulf and the big sprawling gardens of some lovely old houses. There were lazy swings in some, suspended from big gnarly, old Florida trees. A small dog yapped at me from a porch. The woman sitting on the porch with him smiled and waved.

"He's just saying hello," she called out.

I smiled and waved back.

On the gulf side of the path there were small docks with a variety of boats tied up to them. One little pier, in particular, caught my eye. Squadrons of gulls were standing on it , all facing into the brisk breeze. They looked so military. I wondered if their commander had issued the order "beaks south, gentlemen," and that was how they ended up, to a man, I mean bird, all facing in exactly the same direction.

As I retraced my steps towards the car, I stopped to talk to another woman who was weeding in her lovely garden, in front of her lovely house. I wondered if she knew why the birds all faced in the same direction? She believed they faced into the wind so as not to get their feathers ruffled. Sensible birds. I also like to do things in a way that won't get my feathers ruffled. In spite of my best efforts though, I often seem to ruffle other feathers.

As we chatted, in civilised fashion, my Inner Beachcomber was making a pain of herself inside my head.

"Go on, ask her! Ask her if you can move into a small room in her attic! Tell her you'll be no bother, she won't even know you're there! Then we can walk along by the water every day, and gaze out on it from our attic window every night. Go on, ask her!"

I managed to squelch the beachcomber, and making a last complimentary comment about the lady's lovely garden, I went on my way.

"Rats!" said the beachcomber. "You're no fun!"

And so we wended our way slowly homeward, stopping at this shop and that, and most importantly, the nice bakery along the way. The beachcomber sulked, but her spirits lifted when I promised that on the next trip to the doc, we'd bring more sensible shoes and go a little further, to a really nice beach and have a really long walk.


Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed your visit to the doc / dock ( pier ); I was sitting on your shoulder!
The gulls face into the wind to better keep their balance should there be a sudden strong gust...just like we would. That way they don't get knocked sideways.

Tanya Brown said...

This sounds like a marvelous little slice of paradise. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

When do we get to see the fat quarters? 8>)

meggie said...

HI, I loved the salty air, & the walk. I could see the gulls standing sentinel on the pier. And the lovely gardens, old houses, & leafy lane. Lovely! Take us with you again, please...

Diana said...

Hi Molly,
I just stopped by and enjoyed your story. Take care of that Inner Beachcomber!

Lukey Barlow said...

Molly, why didn't I go with you? Stupid me! Your jaunt sounds absolutely wonderful! "Just what the doctor ordered",if your doctor was sensible.

About ten years ago, my mother and I drove down to Naples. There is wonderful public access to the beaches, and there is (was? who knows if it is still there) a very long pier that was like a raised avenue to nowhere. You can walk out over the water for such a long way, and there are people fishing all along it. The beaches are full of interesting worn shell fragments. There are charming things in the town, and pretty homes and gardens. I have always wanted to go back.

More recently I took another trip, to Sanibel Island, and stayed overnight. That was lovely, too, but it did seem crowded and rather expensive. And the traffic through Ft. Meyers on the way was atrocious. I enjoyed Naples much more.

tracey petersen said...

Beaks to the wind to avoid ruffled feathers...I really like the thought of that. That may just become my catchcry when someone is upsetting me!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hi. I'm returning your visit. Nice place you have here. I look forward to you letting Inner Beachcomber loose in the near future.

Isabelle said...

Ah, I loved that, as I sit in my college workroom, in central heating, surrounded by piles of paper. A breath of fresh air.

aunty evil said...

Now this was a very nice post. Sometimes the most wonderful times are the unexpected ones. Even the ones that don't last long, but make a huge impact on our minds.

I'm like you, I am more the wind than the feathers, I am most like to do the ruffling, but oh boy, mine are very prone to the odd gust of wind too! :)

Liz said...

Have been to the pier in Naples that Lukey refers to, it's a beautiful spot but a bit of a haul from your neck of the woods. I may not have your talent for writing, but I did inherit the inner beachcomber -- she suffocates here in the midwest!