Monday, July 16, 2007

Drooling in Dunedin

I went south last week to the town of Dunedin. It's an arty little place, right by the water, with lots of interesting shops and cute, if pricey, boutiques. When I'm in the area I like to nose around there for an hour or so. But this particular day I was on a mission. To the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, which was hosting the travelling quilt exhibit of the winners of the 2007 American Quilter's Society contest, New Quilts From an Old Favourite.

My first response to the roomful of colourful and awe inspiring quilts was "Wow!" Followed closely by "Drat!" Because, in my usual, last-minute dash out the door, I'd forgotten my camera. But, all is not lost*. By going to the MAQS website you can see the top five quilts for yourself. When you get there scroll down to "contests" and click on "New Quilts From an Old Favourite."

Rose of Sharon is not one of my favourite blocks. But since the aim of the contest is to put a modern spin on old designs,the results are always interesting. I liked the second place winner, Rio Rosie, better than the first, maybe because it was less recognisable as being based on Rose of Sharon! But also because it zinged with oranges, pinks and yellows, and rhythm from those swirling, dancing, shapes.

The fifth placed quilt made me think of Meggie's Leo!

Too bad the site doesn't have pictures of all seventeen of the quilts. There was one called "Leave Room In Your Garden For Fairies To Dance." I loved the title, but thought the background fabric detracted from the beautiful appliqued fairies.

I'm no fairy but I flitted off next to another Dunedin landmark,a huge quilt shop, aptly named "Rainbow's End." When I go there,I feel like a kid in a candy store --- drool, drool, drool.

In a moment of insanity [or guilt, perhaps], I volunteered at our last quilt guild meeting to take over our monthly fat quarter sale. Which simply means I keep my nose to the ground and sniff out fat quarters, on sale, at quilt shops, which we then mark up a little and sell at our meetings. Which was my excuse for going to the quilt shop. Turns out it wasn't an act of insanity after all! I have way too much fabric myself, so have to rein myself in regularly when I'm tempted to buy more. This new "job" allows me to buy fabric AND feel virtuous about it, since I'm actually doing a service for my fellow guild members! Can you see my halo? And would you like a preview of the loot?

Any ambitious quilters out there? You still have time to enter MAQS's 2008 contest! The old block this time will be Sawtooth. You have until November '07. Go for it! Maybe ,I'll see a quilt from one of my blogger friends at next year's exhibit. Don't look for one from me though. I have at least five years of work to finish current quilting projects.

*Saw a sign while driving there that said "If all is not lost, then where is it?" Anybody know?


tracey petersen said...

I wish that I could have gone to Dunedin with you!

If all is not lost then I'm betting it's down the back of the couch - it's a veritable gold mine down there!

melanie said...

I agree with you about Rio Rosie's entry. But I believe I like the number five quilt the most. just appeals to me.

I must learn to quilt.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love quilts. I have several antique ones and one new one, which was made in Tibet.

My favorite adorns our hallway - it's a Victorian fan design in silks on a black background. With a long enough vista, it looks three-dimensional.

It stuns me that someone made it by hand long ago, and it found me.

I'm going to check out the website now.

Liz said...

How did I miss this post? I agree with you, like the number 2 quilt the best. And what a nice arrangement of fabrics, though, still doesn't make me want to be a quilter.

meggie said...

Hi Molly, thanks for the tip about the quilt, Who let the Dogs out? I hadnt seen this post of yours- dont know how I missed it, as I seem to be always hovering! I loved the Rio Rosie best too! Just goes to show, I would be no good as a judge!