Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Meander Through My [Alleged] Mind

Where've I been, you ask? Well, that depends....I've been out in the field, so to speak. The Siberian tundra, to be exact. In search of reindeer droppings, for annual packages to, among others, California Girl. Who has had a discouraging year, where not much has gone right. The least I can do is to ensure the reindeer droppings are of premium quality and arrive on time. Great care goes into the selection of our reindeer droppings. Size is a consideration, as is shape and texture. But our most stringent standards concern taste. We collect only from the finest grain- and peanut butter-fed animals. We do not aim to disappoint.

Subsequent to my field work in the frozen tundra, I've spent considerable time tangled in packaging tape, after which I stood in interminable lines at the post office. But that's OK. Everyone was in friendly, chatty mood, so it didn't seem so long. I got the low- down on one of my fellow line stander's teenage boys, and all their doings, and an in-depth report on the woes of the local real estate market from another line stander, who regaled me with details of how many foreclosures he's been handling per week. Sad for those being foreclosed on......especially at this time of year.

Trips to the airport have been made to pluck the OC, and his sister, from the friendly skies......

Little grandsons came for a day, from their beach sojourn, and lent a hand in decorating the tree. We went to the beach to see them another day, wrapped against the wind and the chill in sweaters and long sleeves, while lunatic tourists disported themselves in bikinis and such....crazy northerners---don't they know they could catch their deaths?

After thirty years of unsuccessful sugar cookie attempts, I finally, this year, found the perfect recipe. Do I get points for perseverance? These are cookies to die for. Except that they're a pain to make----but------oh,yum!

And just to make things super-interesting, the Bean wrecked his car. Fortunately, he is unharmed. But we are now engaged in the subterfuge and skullduggery required to keep such information from the ears of the Ancient Ones.......oy, oy, oy.

Apologies for the dearth of.....anything.....on here for so long. A New Year is coming and that always fills me with the determination to mend my evil ways.....I wish you all peace, above all, in your families and in the world. For me, I don't need perfume. I don't need socks. I don't need gadgets. I don't even NEED chocolate [want is another story.] What I need is harmony. Kind thoughts. Gentle words. And Peace on Earth. Is that too much to ask?

Merry Christmas friends!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Blessed Christmas Molly! Have the bestest of times with your loved ones.

Tanya Brown said...

It's lovely to have an update and hear how you've been. Finding the perfect sugar cookie recipe is no small thing.

I'm glad the Bean is safe, despite the car wreck. Sorry the subterfuge regarding the Ancient Ones is necessary. I hope it's because you don't want them to be sick with worry, rather than their not remembering what it's like to be young and make mistakes.

As for your Christmas wish list, no, I don't think it's too much to ask for at all. It sounds about right, what we all really need.

Zanna, travelling tart, now back in residence said...

Oh Molly I do love your writing style and thoroughly enjoyed the meander through your 'alleged' mind! Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas together with peace and harmony and looking forward to lots more chronicles in 2008. Love Z xx

sMC said...

I think there are quite a few of us that will kick the butt of Decemeber 2007 into the nether ether (did I make that up-but you know where.
As for your Christmas List I don't think thats too much to ask for... but whether we get it ?
Seasons Greetings to You and Yours.

meggie said...

Your Christmas wishes seem perfect to me.

So glad the Bean is safe. Hope the AO's don't get to know.

Wish you a joyous Christmas with those you love, & peace & health for the New Year.

Thimbleanna said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Molly!

daysgoby said...

Happiest Christmas to yo and yours, Molly!

Ali Honey said...

Ah yes Molly, I remember the reindeer cookies from last year. I laughed when you said you'd been to the Tundra _ I am currently reading Alaska by Michener and hope that you had't been there!( all that vast cold loneliness )

I like your Christmas Wishes and I would like them too - maybe we can ask for a job lot!

Take deep breaths, look at the beauty around you, listen well,look closely, laugh if you can, read for pleasure and love a lot.
Hugs and Greetings from Ali.

Lanne said...

It is 5:03pm on christmas eve. I need to make dinner . but it shall wait. I am off to make reindeer droppings. because tomorrow my mother is coming for lunch - and .. despite her protests she didnt.. she did. she did tell us as children if we didnt bebave we would get rudolph poo for christmas.. and given I bought her airline tickets.. I can hardly wait to wrap reindeer droppings for her. thank you.. for the smile I will see on my mothers face tomorrow.. because deep down she knows she did.

Merry Christmas.. !!

mjd said...

Merry Christmas Molly, I wish for you harmony, kind thoughts, gentle words and Peace on Earth.

Julie's journey said...

Late as I am, Christmas has now gone in a blur of relatives, wrapping paper and good cheer (I am very tired), I just wanted you to know that affirmations of peace and harmony are winging their way to you as I type.