Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Warm-Up Exercise

"Okay. Let's!"

That's how it ended, my conversation with Rise last week.

After much hemming and hawing and yeah-buts.

The simple word "Let's!"

Complete with exclamation point.

Which carries with it a certain air of enthusiasm.

Which I was not feeling.

But what else could I say?

She wanted to sign up for NaBloPoMo.

No problem, you say.

But--With Me.


Since I've been feeling completely uninspired.

Since I think I may have forgotten how to string words together coherently.

Since there's so much gobbledy-gook going on in my head it's like noisy snow on the television in a hurricane.

But I have to humour the Little Blister.

That's what big sisters are supposed to do. Especially when they've been harassing the Little One to write more; calling her the un-blogger; nagging; cajoling; bullying.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Sooooo. All together now:

Yes We Can Na-Blo-Po-Mo!

That's my desperate measure.

It's not as though there's been nothing to write about around here.

I have been tending to the wounded.

What with Beans falling off bicycles and dislocating elbows;

And cats finding the one and only piece of framing glass, hidden, one thought, in the sewing room, and slicing thereon a poor little paw;

And OCs getting exercise, at speed, helmetless, on more bicycles, tumbling off, requiring the services of all the king's horses and all the king's men to staple Humpty Dumpty together again.

Oy. And Oy. And Oy.

It has not been dull around here.

One finds oneself wishing for dull.

So, if one is to NaBloBlahBlah every day for an entire month one must needs flex those blahblah muscles.

This is the first of the warm up exercises.

Do not be alarmed.

They might get better.

And the bonus is you'll get to read the writings of Rise!

You're very welcome.

I live only to serve.

Note: The top and bottom pictures, sandwiching the more pathetic photos in the middle, are of Poinciana in bloom at the top, and Tarragon at the bottom.....both in the garden right now.

All three patients are healing nicely.....


Warty Mammal said...

Oh dear! That's a bit too much excitement.

I will be awaiting your NaBloPoMoing wih great anticipation.

Ali Honey said...

Is that Poinciana real???

I have never seen one or heard of one....what an amazing specimen.

Too much self harming going on near you I think....just as well you have a nurses uniform to dress up in.....have you?

fifi said...

Good Heavens!!

you are surrounded by the wounded indeed!

I was feeling most sorry for the smudge nosed kitty...but then saw the horrid split head below. I'd say someone is VERY lucky their brains didnt fly out!

Molly said...

Don't be holding your breath Warty! If inspiration fails I can always recite a nursery rhyme a day.....
Trouble is, Little Blister is much more organized than yours truly and would like a list of thirty words/hints/cues to get us started! Whereas when I first did NaBloPoMo I was often sitting, chewing my pen at 11:30 p.m., brain blank---but I finished! So, it might be a lot less stressful this way.

That is indeed a real [dwarf] poinciana Ali! This one is especially gorgeous. The Bean is the great plant experimenter and this is the first pink one he has managed. He also has one flame red with yellow edges, and a yellow one.......I'll put more pics on Flickr so you can see!

I agree Fifi. And there are, reputedly, quite a few brains in there. More than you'd expect a sixty year old, foolish enough to ride a bicycle at such speed without a helmet to have!

WV right now is "reedabl"---a good omen perhaps?

riseoutofme said...

I must have had an airlock in my brain .... WHAT brain? sez you ...

Its not too late, you know, to pedal backwards, I mean ... You DO have a lot on your plate at the moment .... I WILL understand ...really.

riseoutofme said...

Love first picture ..

Molly said...

Me? A lot on MY plate? I don't have her Highness; or a frantic teaching schedule! I'm afraid there's no loophole for you at this point! If we go down, we go down together! Now, where's your half of The List? Or can we just wing it??

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- you might need a nursing degree there. Wow -- that's a lot of accidents. Poor...all three of them! Our youngest dislocated his elbow about 4 years ago -- I keep meaning to ask him if he has any permanent effects from that. Will you blog from your trip? And when did you post that adorable pic of you on the sidebar -- has it been there all along and I'm a dope?

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

By Golly! Nurse Molly! You do seem to have your hands full. I suspect OC decided to cycle sans helmet cause he was jealous of the attention the other two were getting.

Anonymous said...

Goodness me! You all need a good lie down.

Be careful!

Pauline said...

there are at least 8 posts mentioned here ;)

the little Blister (lol)/ big blister tug-of-war

accidents waiting to happen

accidents actually happening

OCs and bicycles (and limits)

accident(al) recoveries

cat paws

wishing for dull

herbs and flowers

can't wait to come back and read!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Molly do these people (and cat) not realize that them having accidents requires work on your part? I keep telling my husband that he cannot have an accident or get sick because I do not have time for that. So far he's obeyed though you can't trust him to do that for long. I wonder if my tarragon is blooming. I'm not at home right now but will be at the weekend - hope it is 'cause yours is gorgeous! blessings, marlene

patty said...

yikes, think everyone needs to just sit in one spot!

thailandchani said...

Can't find an email for you. This is a response to your comment on my site. :)


Good catch! I can definitely see where it came across that way so I have re-worded it a bit. It's not that I consider their search to be any less valid than my own.. but it is a very, very different road than mine. It could take some work for us to connect - although I'm not closed to it.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.. the way it came across! :)


jkhenson said...

Oy! is right! You must post warning labels before such ghastly blood photos, even if it is near Halloween! :) I hope all three injuries are healing nicely and that those three are all you have for quite a while! Don't go feeling the need to have an injury yourself, now. :)

Isabelle said...

Am I the only one to see the Bean's resemblance to a young Greek god??

I like his picture much better than the one of his dad's head. Ouch.

Who's holding the cat, then? I'm confused.

And yes, the you on the sidebar. Lovely!

You can always post the progress of the invalids. That'll keep you going in posts.

The Lassie said...

*ahem* I will have to agree with Isabelle on the Bean picture. Hope everyone will feel much better soon!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Holey batsocks! A bit of a disaster area, should give you plenty of fodder for November, though.

raining sheep said...

Good grief Molly, halloween is coming at you with lots of real blood!!! Hope everyone is doing well....I do feel so sorry for the kitty! I know - pathetic. I always grieve harder for animals than humans :)

Meggie said...

Eek! Is that blood? From the OC's head reagion??
Goodness, too much excitement for one day....
I will just retreat & perhaps swoon...

Stomper Girl said...

Oh gosh! I'm glad you escaped the carnage, Molly. The Rule of Threes says you are now completely out of danger.