Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They've Got To Be Joking!

I promised myself [or the gods of unfinished projects] that I would do some hand quilting before going to bed tonight. It's on a beautiful quilt that I just-need-to-finish-already. But first, a quick peek at a few blogs. That's a rock my good intentions have perished on before!

I was happy to see a post from The Lassie who has been very quiet of late, and delighted to hear that her baby boy was born just before Christmas. Which would explain the un-blogging. That, and not having an easy birth. I was eager to congratulate her and offer some comforting words. But I had to log in or register in order to read the full post

Wordpress instructed me to enter my name and password. Hmmm. This could be tricky. I try to operate with as few passwords as possible, not having exactly a steel trap between my ears.

 I tried

 It didn't work.

 Either Wordpress had never heard of me, or I had forgotten who I was, or where I was going, or what day of the week it was, or what my password was, or if I was still on planet earth or off in la-la-land!

Wordpress graciously offered to e-mail me a new password. I clicked over to my e-mail to get it.

Here's my new password:



There are rude words that occurred to me, but I'll content myself here with question marks.

Are they serious?

Or are they bored at Wordpress tonight and having a little joke?

Have a little mercy boys!


Ali Honey said...

Unfortunately they probably are serious. (It's the idiot factor working I think )
I'm sure you can memorize that in a flash!
Me, I'd write it in my notebook, then once in the site return to wordpress and change it to something you can rememeber.

Thimbleanna said...

Does Lassie know you have to log in? Sometimes that's a setting that is accidentally set - unless she really wants it that way, she can un- set it. I use Wordpress and every now and then mine something would trip that setting. Luckily someone always let me know so that I could fix it.