Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Quilt for a Small Boy

" The fault dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves..." Rats! I so wanted to believe it wasn't my fault. I thought maybe it came of being a Gemini --- this wild enthusiasm with which I start each new quilting project and then the fizzle when I'm halfway through . There are four grandchildren. Three of them have gotten a quilt that I made especially for them. The youngest is two and a half and still hasn't gotten his. The spirit is willing --- I want to finish it --- but the flesh is weak. I haven't put one stitch in it all summer. And why? --- it's no longer a new project, and I have the attention span of a fruit fly.

Three years ago I gave the expectant parents some quilt books and told them to pick the pattern they liked best . They picked the Star of Bethlehem which I'd never made but was excited to try. We talked about fabric and colors . They had definite ideas . Primary colors on a black background. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the whole ' black on a baby quilt ' idea. But, considering the beautiful quilts the Amish make, I got over it .

As I pieced the quilt top any lingering doubts vanished --- the bright colors on the black background were stunning! I made a border of smaller stars and found a cheerful yellow kite print for the backing. I basted the layers and started quilting, the stitching that actually holds the layers together . My favorite parts of making a quilt are the initial planning of the design and the actual piecing, but I also wanted to hand quilt in the black spaces on this quilt . And that's when the big go-slow started. I just didn't think I would procrastinate this long !

Today a friend invited me to come over and sew . A start was made. It will get finished, even if I only stitch for 15 minutes a day. I'll put a "sleeve" on the back so that if he is already six foot three when it's finally done, he can at least hang it on the wall in his dorm room.

Whenever I mention "the quilt" to my son, he cackles hysterically.... and the longer it takes me the louder the cackling gets ...Oh ye of little faith... When it's finished I'll figure out how to post a photo on here as proof that I do, once in a while, finish something , in spite of those stars.....After all, what does the Bard know about quilting?

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Lily said...

The quilts are worth waiting for! Come visit soon so you can see your work hanging in the boy's rooms.