Friday, March 09, 2007

O Frabjous Day!

It's always nice when a new commenter shows up on your blog. Riseoutofme at showed up on my last post, and as is my wont, I clicked over to check it out. And came up on a blank blogger wall*. Hmmm.

Went away to the garden to cogitate while pulling weeds. Back later to find some jockeying for position in the "Who gets the next quilt" line going on between Aunty Evil and the mystery commenter! Followed by a comment from Detective Liz, who, after careful examination of the scant available evidence [to wit --- ranting --- it's genetic] concluded that it must be one of her siblings. Certainly a possibility. The comments do have a hauntingly familiar ring. Aye. But which sibling?

Back outside to the sunshine to plant some tomatoes. Have I mentioned how beautiful the weather has been here for the last few days?

Thirst drives me back inside just as the telephone rings.
Detective Liz reporting, triumphantly, that she's cracked the case! It is not, as we had surmised, her brother, our Bonny Boy over the ocean, but my sister, her aunt, who also lies over the ocean.

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
I chortled in my joy."
My Little Blister has recently acquired a new laptop, to replace the dinosaur with which she had been waging a losing battle. One of the many benefits was that she could finally read my blog and the blogs of all the lovely people who regularly comment thereon. And it was good. And the Blister was happy, for a while. But, being a person of action, just reading was soon not enough . She wanted in. And so, riseoutofme was born.
The really weird thing about this is that my very first post, I write best on a bicycle, back on August 2 nd. 2006, was also about a bicycle! What are the chances?? Skip on over and pay her a visit . You won't be sorry.
*The blank wall is gone. She was still tweaking the setup. Full blogger profile available for your perusal!


shelleycoughlin said...

I have a post called "O Frabjous Day", too! Somewhere back in my archives....

This one made me smile.

Stomper Girl said...


Aunty Evil said...

So being family shoots you up the ladder ahead of those of us with different dna huh?



'Slong as I know.

Tracey Petersen said...

How very exciting to have an engaing mystery with such a wonderful conclusion on your blog! Congratulations on the beautiful quilt of your last post. It looks like one that will be very loved!

meggie said...

I had already visited! Great stuff!!

Pam said...

Hmm. Don't think the Great Salford Mystery from my (and other people's) blog(s) is going to be so easily solved. (S)he's still visiting, but keeping that scarf well wrapped round his/her face!

Wish I could entice him/her with a quilt but I'd need to make one first. One day, one day...

nutmeg said...

Thanks for the book title and recommendation Molly - Oh and also the new blog to visit :-)