Saturday, June 02, 2007

Gone to Miami........

Fishing bombed.
No bites.
To Miami,to laze on the beach
Liz came too.
So did Barry.
Tropical Storm Barry, that is.
We don't like him much.
Lazing on beach foiled.
Howling winds blew us along.
Glimmer of blue crept into the sky.
Big black bully cloud came along.
Flexing his muscles.
Shoving our shy little glimmer aside.
Adding insult to injury, he made it rain.
Not a drizzle.
Not a downpour.
A deluge.
Who will win the soggy t-shirt contest?
"Not I" said Molly.
"Not I" said Rise.
Leaving the little red hen ..... Liz.
She's got the youth and the beauty.
And, of course, the boobies.

Inside at last.
Hot showers.
Dry clothes.
Hot tea.
Cosy couches.
Good books.

All of which is available at home.

It's not supposed to be like this in Miami! In June!


meggie said...

Weather always manages to spoil the best laid plans.
Still, I bet you are having a great time, regardless of the climate oddities.

Pam said...

Love the blueberry pictures. Very interesting. They do grow in Scotland (though we call them "blaeberries") but the only place I've ever seen them - growing wild - is up the Knock, a hill in Crieff, in Perthshire, at the beginning of the Highlands.

Other than that, they grow in supermarkets here.

Don't like the sound of that Miami weather. Come to Scotland.

Were you really fishing, or was that a metaphor?

Princess Banter said...

Awww I'm sorry darling. But I hope the holiday can be salvaged!!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

The fun is all about being together,
No matter how bad the weather,
Still, here's hoping it'll get better,
Sun please return, the intemission's over.

Anonymous said...

You must be thrilled to have your sister with you. I always wanted a sister, but have to rely on my girl fiends to fill the bill-but it is not the same as having a sister who shared the same household, culture, and maybe the boy next door--ha ha.
your day blueberry picking sounds great-I ma sure there were many laughs and moments to share. Enjoy every moment

Stomper Girl said...

Nothing like: Hot showers. Dry clothes. Hot tea. Cosy couches. Good books, if you've been caught in a tropical storm.

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear molly. Oh no... I hope the storm passes and you get to enjoy the great outdoors! Still, the change of scenery must be nice - even if you're indoors..?

nutmeg said...

Nothing better than a hot shower after a drenching - but, to sit companionably amongst loved ones and read away an afternoon - that's up there with the best too!

Birdydownunder said...

Molly...The Scot is out for your blood, he says he is NOT a Sassenach lol.... aubirdwoman

Zanna said...

Lovely post - conjured up great pictures.

molly said...

Meg,LMM,SG,Princess and Nutmeg---it would take more than a shower of rain, no matter,how heavy,to spoil the fun we had, just being there together. Besides, we had wine. Did I forget to mention the wine??

Isabelle---just a metaphor!

LGS---A Rhyming Rodent! Whatever will they think of next?

Anonymous--Is thy name M? Us two were intrigued by your reference to "girl fiends"---do tell us more!

Birdy---don't tell The Scot where I live....Anyone from that side of the Irish Sea is a Sassenach! Not to be splitting hairs, you understand.

Zanna---nice new digs you have there....

David Anthony said...

Sometimes the nicest of holidays are the ones in which you give yourself the time to appreciate the beauty that is already on your doorstep.