Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Me Meme

Isabelle tagged me for this meme a few weeks ago. Not sure what it's called; hope this covers it.

Jobs I’ve held:

Cashier at airport staff cafeteria;

Airport Tourist Information desk person;

Airline passenger check-in;

Physical Education teacher;

Full time mother for thirty five years, with concentration in, but not limited to, the care, feeding and civilizing of infants; toddler psychology; teaching, scolding, dancing, hugging, nursing, story reading, picture drawing; chief cook, bottle washer, laundress, seamstress, nutrition consultant, menu planner and executer, chauffeur, adventure co-ordinator, advice dispenser, conflict resolver, mopper of tears, wiper of snot, supervisor of homework, white knuckled driving instructor, encourager, cheerer, lover, hoper of hopes, singer of songs, dreamer of dreams………

Quilting instructor.

Movies I can watch over and over:
Dr. Zivago, Sound of Music, Anne of Green Gables.
Does it count if I fall asleep half way through?

Guilty Pleasures:
Blogging, chocolate, crosswords, sudoku, soaking in the tub.

Places I have lived: Ireland--- Limerick, Dublin, Monaghan
The Mojave Desert, CA
Riverside, CA
North Dakota

Shows I enjoy: Law and Order, CSI, Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, Dirty Jobs.

Places I’ve been on holiday: As a child---Ballybunion and Dunlaoghaire. As an adult---we don’t go on holidays. We call the Mayflower people and MOVE. Home to Ireland a few times.

Favourite foods: Shepherd’s Pie--- like my mother used to make.
Steak and Kidney Pie, as made by my landlady in Monaghan, N.Ireland
Portobello mushrooms, red onions and steak, as cooked on the grill by the OC.
Raisin Bread, as made by me.
Tiramisu, ditto.
Apple pie, as made by Liz.
Poppy seed coffee cake as made by M-I-L.
Swedish brownies, as made by The Bean [youngest son].
The trend I'm noticing here is: if it's prepared by someone else, I like it!

Body parts I have injured: nothing serious [knock on wood] so far.

Awards I’ve won:
Came first in my end-of-sixth grade final tests, which got me a scholarship to secondary school. [I think it was about two guineas per term--less than $10.00! Renewable as long as I didn’t screw up!]

A quilt I made was voted best of the entrants in our region, when we lived in Minnesota. It then went on to be displayed at a show in Chicago, where it got second place, to my utter amazement and delight. And was featured in a magazine....

Nicknames I’ve been called:
Yaya, by my brother, who couldn’t pronounce my real name properly.
Molly Bawn, by my grandmother, because my hair was fair. It still is, in a manner of speaking...
Big Moll [Small Moll lived two doors down.]
Jeff, because I was tall. My much smaller friend was Mutt.
Goose- you don't want to know.

How'd I do Isabelle?

Note: Our house computer is having temper tantrums. Hence the spotty comments from here of late. Tomorrow I'm planning to camp out on a computer at the library, and refuse to leave until I'm all caught up. Just so you know .


Birdydownunder said...

oh I love these getting to know you meme(s) it makes you so much closer. btw does your Library open all night.... I have sometimes noticed a rather late time slot on your blogs roflo. Hope the home computer gets fixed soon.

Stomper Girl said...

If someone calls you Big Moll in Australia, slap their face and walk away in a dudgeon. It's not a term of endearment here.

Aunty Evil said...

Hahahahaha at Stomper!!! But she is right.

Nice answers. And I look forward to hearing from you more often after you catch up.

(still laughing at Stomper...)

Anonymous said...

I do so love Gilmore Girls, but I watch it with subtitles so that I don't miss anything!

Glad Stomper told you that. My eyebrows went skyward thinking of you being called big Moll!

Aunty Evil said...

PS. Please send me your Shepherd's Pie recipe...please?

thailandchani said...

I like these lists! It's interesting to get the snippets of information about new people. :)



Thimbleanna said...

Wow! About half of that list left me wanting more! There's serious blog fodder in recipe sharing alone -- I'm with Aunty Evil -- puh-leez share the Shepherd's Pie recipe. I LOVE shepherds pie. I have a recipe, but it's not an authentic Irish one. LOL. And if Stomper lets you know what Big Moll means in AU, you must let us know. Excellent answers -- you're having a wonderful life!

molly said...

Of all the things in those lists the one I would have least expected to raise eyebrows would have been the one that did. I'm intrigued by what "Big Moll could mean to an Australian. Something similar perhaps to being a "Shelia"?
Don't know about the "wonderful Life". Watch this space.....
Will post the shepherd's Pie recipe soon.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm a dull stick, I suppose, because I was fascinated by your being a PE teacher and a quilting instructor. What were the circumstances?

Tanya Brown said...

RE: "Big Moll" - I think it may be slang for a woman who's promiscuous or a prostitute. Not something likely to apply to you in either sense.

Stomper Girl said...

Molly, 'sheila' just means woman. Moll (pronounced like the small furry animal; mole) is, as Tanya says, the Australian version of slut (although we use that word too.) The use of 'big' is optional, it could equally be preceded with Fat or Stupid.

I feel a bit icky after explaining all of that. I'm hoping that your nickname was pronounced to rhyme with doll. And I apologise that my comment hijacked your lovely post.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Always nice to learn more about a fellow blogger. Thanks for sharing.

meggie said...

Very interesting!. I have moved a lot over the years, too, but really would have disliked moving as often as you did. Would have love to go to Germany & Belgium though! And some of the those States. But not as a life- only for holidays. Did you learn to speak German?

Pam said...

Goodness, what a lot you've moved. Thanks for doing this!