Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Would You Like To Swing On A Star?

Sunday. The feast of the Epiphany, and not a Wise Man in sight. Just one Wiseguy and an Ancient Crone.

They could have rolled up their sleeves, taken down the tree. After all, the Three Wise Men had doggedly followed that star and finally arrived in Bethlehem. Christmas is over. But....

“The sun is shining. It’s lovely outside. Weather blizzard-weary northerners would kill for!”

There was still time for a hike. They took the longer rather than the shorter trail.

The Wiseguy assured the aged one that he could navigate back by the stars…...

But first, this spectacular sunset…..

Then darkness.

The stars were out. She recognized Orion, though it still looks more like a Scottie dog than a hunter, just as it did, streeling home from school in four o’clock darkness, long ago.

“Watch out for potholes,” warned the Wiseguy.

“ Can’t see them, even if I look,” intoned the Crone, still gazing heavenwards.

Inky blackness all around, but higher up, lacey, long leaf pine silhouettes against the navy sky.

And higher still the stars.

So many.

So bright.

So mobile!

“UFOs,” he said.

But even she is not that gullible.

“Small planes....” she said. “But why so many?”

Do they all have dates to dance with the stars?

It’s good to get out and dance along a trail under stars in the darkness.

Especially on a velvety Florida evening.

It puts things in perspective.

And calms the soul.

**Excuse me for going bananas in this post with pictures. For some reason, in it's contrariness, the computer has decided to let me upload photos. It may change it's mind I have to upload while the uploading is good. Bear with me....


meggie said...

Oh those photos are just lovely. They seem to look such different colour to ours.

I love this post.

Anonymous said...

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heartinsanfrancisco said...

Excuse me, Molly, but you're apologizing for posting those gorgeous pictures? You must be high.

They are a fabulous treat to the Florida-deprived, and your hike sounds amazing.

Lucky the Wiseguy can navigate by the stars. What a rapturous post, which has made me feel wonderfully refreshed as I start my mundane day. Thank you!

Birdydownunder said...

I guess we all need a Wiseguy. I wonder - do you look at the same stars I look at.

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

riseoutofme said...

And carry moonbeams home in a jar ... Yes please!

Pam said...

Oh, lovely lovely words and pictures. And I enjoyed your "home" post too. That's why I can never move far away - I'm attached to my home area by invisible strings. I hope my children will be too but have horrible fears that they may have to move a bit further away.

Lily said...

Is an interpretive trail like an interpretive dance? And they're advising you to follow the bears along the interpretive trail? I'd be heading quickly in the other direction! Beautiful photos :-)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Love the pictures and the narrative. Especially beautiful is that picture just before dark. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Beautiful ophotos and I love the thought about the planes having dates to dance with the stars.

Ali Honey said...

Go bananas as often as you like, cause I loved the photos.

Using your words I danced along the darkened trail with you. I've never been to Florida so really enjoyed myself in the soft, cool evening air.

May I join you again sometime?