Thursday, April 02, 2009

Oh Baby! And Waiting By The Phone......

The other day I made a momentous discovery.

I discovered that I, Molly Bawn, am a genius!

The OC took the news very calmly. Just smiled his Confucian smile, rolled his eyes and carried on. Do you think he suspected all along, and was wondering when it would dawn on me?

I used to think only astrophysicists, mathematical wizards, and saintly nuns could make such claims! Of course the Nobel prize committee haven't been in touch yet, but I'm a patient woman. It may take some time for word to get out. Meantime, I'll be plodding along, in my humble way, making quilts and evading the paparazzi.

There is one creature on the planet who may have had an inkling that he wasn't in the company of your garden variety Hausfrau. That would be El Pussygato. Animals, you know, are more tuned in to this kind of thing. How do I know that he knows, you ask sceptically? Well,it doesn't take a genius [ha!] to figure that out! Whenever I'm in my think tank, he's always right there with me, usually sitting near, if not right on, my current opus....

.......just in case he needs to fend off any quilt thieves who might be skulking nearby. Or.....maybe he just enjoys hanging out with geniuses! And when it comes to the nuts and bolts, the putting into action of all that brilliant thought, planning, and design, he takes up his position,

watching and marveling, "too proud of me to speak," as Shel Silverstein said.

So what is she blathering on about this time, you're wondering? If you've been here recently, you'll know that my thoughts are full of a little someone in a far off land. I've been holding out on you, teasing you, but, finally, here he is!

A very little someone, barely five days old!

Is he not gorgeous? And huggable? And squeezable? Oops! There go my fingers, itching again!

I knew he was on the way, of course, but not knowing his gender was a bit of a dilemma. At least as far as making him a quilt. I thought I should wait until I knew, but my fingers were itchy. I needed to be making something, for him. Or her.

"What would work for either a girl or a boy?" I asked myself. And that's when I remembered the teddy bears' picnic fabric I'd bought eons ago, because it reminded me of the song. I knew that some day, I'd use it to make a quilt for someone special.

So, I snipped and stitched, and laid it out on the floor in the think tank.

And wasn't sure I liked it much. But kept on stitching. Because of those itchy fingers ...... And when it was together, I thought it needed a narrow green border. But alas! I was a few inches shy of enough green! What to do? Then I remembered I had a teeny, tiny bit of red check left, just enough for four one and a half inch corner posts. Which was enough to solve the problem! I started to like it better.

I folded it up and hied me to the nearest quilt shop. Because no quilt is complete without the perfect border. And to my amazement, found it, right away [I usually have to look much longer.] So home again, home again, jiggety jig.....

and stitched it on, and stood back, and purred with pleasure at how nicely my mitered corners came together. El Pussygato was nearby. We purred together, and agreed it was shaping up nicely.

And then the Refugees from Winter arrived, and there was a flurry of wrestling with the OC, and splashing in the pool with Uncle Bean, and grilling in the sunshine. Then, just as quickly, they vanished down the road to a nest on the beach. But close enough to visit. So, off we went, a few days later, the Bean and I.[The OC could not be pried from his desk.] I had a secret agenda. One I didn't share with the Bean right away. We would be passing a quilt shop I'd heard of, but never been to. Certainly a situation that cried out to be rectified.....And besides, I was on a hunt for backing fabric for some teddy bears.

Loud were the howls of protest when I veered of the beaten path. But I was driving,[possession is nine tenths of the law!] Anyway, I'd only be a minute. Grousing all the way, he came inside with me, the better to enforce the "only a minute [or ten!]" promise.

Then a miracle happened. Perhaps because the name of the shop is Country Quilts and Bears? In sixty seconds flat I'd found the perfect backing fabric. Moda [always good] and fifty percent off!

But, there was one small problem.....There were only two yards and I thought I'd need three. But could not put it down. If I'd hunted all over Florida I couldn't have found a more perfect match. So I took it, determined to perform another miracle. And went to the beach and had a lovely time.

Back home, I tackled the vexing problem of the loaves and fishes.

And found out how brilliant I am!

I had triangles of red and green left over from the square-in-a-square blocks. And had had the foresight to stitch them into half square triangles right away, instead of piling them up to deal with "some day." And stitched the half square triangles into pinwheels....... So there they were, just waiting for the penny to drop with the genius in the driver's seat that they were ready and willing to help with the miracle.

Now all that's left is to decide how to bind it....Red or green?

Aren't all you quilters out there proud of me? I, myself, am pleased as Punch! Psst, if you're as impressed with me as I am, drop a line to those Nobel fellows! I'll be waiting for their call.

Note on the messy think tank: I've heard that creativity thrives on chaos. That's my excuse anyway.......


Thimbleanna said...

We're not worthy!!! Very lovely dear Molly -- and just perfect for that beautiful new babe. Hmmm. Binding color? Red. No Green. That's a tough one -- 55% of me says red, 45% says green -- it will be fabulous either way. With airfares a bit cheaper these days, I'm hoping you can whisk off to cuddle that new baby just as soon as the quilting is finished!

jkhenson said...

What a wonderful baby boy! So huggable! :)) And the quilt is going to be just perfect!! You've done a terrific job! :) I hope you get to see the new bundle soon! :)

Jess said...

What a gorgeous child!

And Molly, I was giggling at the first picture of your very handsome cat - if you look at it quickly it looks like he's wearing a graduation wonder you think he's so smart!

Awesome work, as usual. I wish I had that sort of talent!

Stomper Girl said...

Your quilt and your grandson are both lovely. Well done, genius.

fifi said...

you are indeed a genius, an artist, and totally blessed.

He's lovely!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful baby! Brilliant grandmother! And green, definitely green. :) blessings, marlene

Warty Mammal said...

Your grandson is going to treasure that quilt. Of course, initially that may involve drool, but over time he'll realize the love and thought that went into it and he'll think of you with love when he sees it.

He's a precious little fellow. Isn't it odd how the very new and innocent can look so wise?

manysisters said...

I am so jealously in awe of your genius! and your driving skills! and that lovely grandchild! and lady, you can write, too! Have you mailed it off yet?

persiflage said...

What a beautiful boy. And how lucky to have a quilt. It looks gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful how things work themselves out, and how quickly we love our new babies.

persiflage said...

What a beautiful boy. And how lucky to have a quilt. It looks gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful how things work themselves out, and how quickly we love our new babies.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Okay, I followed you on the new baby boy, I understood about the cat but you lost me on the quilting section. Still a mere mortal like me cannot be expected to understand genious. Congrats though.

Pam said...

I too am madly jealous of your multiple grannyhood, your quiltmaking abilities and, of course, your genius.

Lovely lovely lovely baby. And quilt.

meggie said...

Your beautiful new Grandson, his beautiful new quilt, your lovely Pussygato, so knowing & wise... What more could you desire.
Your cup runneth over!
Huge hugs, & many congratulations!!

silfert said...

I was all set to leave a comment regarding the exceptionally handsome cat, when I scrolled a little further and saw the exceptionally darling baby! Congratulations all around (and yes, you're a genius)!

I seem to be picturing a yellowy color to go with the red and green. Not school bus, not gold; more of a pale corn shade? I may be low on coffee, of course.

raining sheep said...

How absolutely lovely as is the beautiful baby boy! My, great amount of hair. Why is it that cats always sit on your newly knitted/sewn item?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing in this world so lovely and so exciting as a new baby. The whole world shines when one is born into your family. What a treasure!

Ali Honey said...

Aren't you the lucky one then....?He is so cute. I especially like the top photo.

I suspected the genius long ago ( when I first read your blog )and if the Nuns hadn't led you to believe otherwise you would have realsied many years ago.

Well done with the quilt. I bet you will be making other wee things to...a new babe can never have too many gifts!

I hope the new Mum is doing well too. Blessings and Good Health to all the family.

Kacey said...

What a lovely baby boy! And, since I worked for nine years in Maternity (+7 out of 8 grandkids are boys)....I know a lovely baby boy when I see one! Oh, how I wish I were going to the UK....always wanted to go and just needed the impetus of a grandchild's birth to get me there. Unfortunately, mine were all born in Toledo, so it would have been silly to go to England at the time. I do not think I am destined to meet you.... you are flying over the pond and I am leaving Florida on the 19th of May for Ohio. Perhaps, when I get back to Florida next November, we can meet. In the meantime, I am putting quilts together as fast as I can so my grands will have them. when I decide to leave this veil of tears. It would be easier if they were tiny like your new grandson, instead of kingsize.

Julie's Journey said...

Congratulations he is beautiful and the quilt is wonderful. So happy for you