Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon......

Saturn I
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I couldn't find my Blistex anywhere and the thought of a month without it was stressing me out. Paper lips don't work for me. And they have been dry with this unusually cold winter we're having. Not to mention, everyone else was ready for liftoff. People were getting irate with me. Even my friend was already on board and yelling in exasperation for me to hurry up.

But I had to find my Blistex!

There'd be no opportunity to go to the store and buy more where we were going. And the thought of being Blistex-less for a full thirty days didn't bear thinking about. My lips would surely fall off. I ran back and forth like a headless chicken, pulling out drawers and reaching to check on high shelves, places where I was not remotely likely to find the familiar little white tube. But I'd already ascertained that it wasn't in the side pocket of my purse, where I usually keep it; it wasn't in the pocket of the pants I'd worn yesterday; not in my jacket pocket either; it wasn't on my night table; it wasn't on the kitchen counter; it wasn't on the table by my computer. Where in creation had I put the darn thing? I felt hot tears pricking my eyelids and my feet twitched in a jig of frustration. It didn't help that the shouts from across what seemed like a barnyard, were becoming more strident. Panic rose in my throat as I looked wildly about.

"Molleee! We can't wait any longer!"

They must have left without me because, when I woke up, I was warm and snug in my bed and there was no spacecraft in sight.

Just a moment. There's someone at the door.

Oh. It's a couple of men in white lab coats. They told me I should come with them.........I told them to hang on a minute, I'd be right back. So, quick. Before I climb out the back window and make my escape, what do you think it all means? Am I really so disillusioned with life I'd rather be on the moon? Do they have fabric there, I wonder? And books? And chocolate? And warm, cozy beds?

Maybe I can get on the next launch....

But first I have to find my Blistex.


persiflage said...

Dreams! Why do they so frequently involve travel, and then create huge problems, traffic jams, convoluted and mistaken routes, packing problems, misplaced or lost tickets, and never letting you arrive? I don't like to enquire too deeply into what it all means, I am too afraid of the answers.

Ali Honey said...

I'd be no help I don't even know what Blistex is but presume it is what we call lip balm.

Maybe you are destined for higher things/ places? Maybe you are going on a journey. It certainly sounds as if you sub consciously worry about a) misplacing vital things b) being late and keeping others waiting c ) have a fear of being left behind. Any help?

I'm sure we ALL dream weird things so wouldn't worry, unless you're prophetic..

Hugs from Ali.

Thimbleanna said...

But Molly -- it's the first rule of paper lips -- on must have multiple tubes of blistex. At least 5. If you run out and buy all the extras, these dreams won't plague you anymore!

Meggie said...

I keep dreaming of the same large house, in which I am always discovering new rooms and spaces. I also meet a lot of my now-passed rellies there too!

Stomper Girl said...

I surround myself with lip balms. One in the door of the driver AND passenger sides of the car, one by my bed, one in my handbag, one in my tap-bag. Must. Never. Be. Without. Lip-balm. I find your dream deeply reasonable.

dianne said...

i like your travel dream a lot better than mine - i wouldn't mind it a bit, dreaming about going to the moon, especially if i get to take books and my bed ... i keep leaving my Blistex in my pocket and washing it - i don't like to be without it, either ... the irish soda bread in your previous post looks scrumptious - the recipes i have found are dry as the desert ... and i HOPE that purple is not TARTY cuz i like it - i like it a lot

Brooke - Little Miss Moi said...

Dear molly. I am exactly the same - I can't go anywhere without my little tin of vaseline lip balm! So addicted to it am I, I have about five tins of it scattered around the house.

Pam said...

Blistex sounds a horrible name, as if your lips might have blisters... aaaaahhhhh (very squeamish person here).

No, don't go to the moon. We'd miss you.

(I do like a post that uses such nice semi-colons.)

My daughter's going to Ireland on Saturday. Is it nice and warm in Ireland in February? Sunshiny? Flowers carpeting the sward?

オテモヤン said...
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The Lass said...

I guess this could happen to me, too, 234 tubes of lip balm in my vicinity notwithstanding.

Hm. I do wonder what your dream could mean.

My recent ones are all pretty much self-explanatory: job aniexty and general worry about the future. Even if they do involve the tall guy from 'Little Britain' - wearing a costume, no less.

Pauline said...

hahahaha snort

your dreams are better than mine - and maybe they have a supply of blistex on the moon ;)

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hmmm. Very interesting. Please lie down on the couch and tell me lore.

Warty Mammal said...

I'm having Freudian syndrome again. I read one of your initial sentences as "Paper CLIPS don't work for me."

Well, of course not. Blistex is vastly superior to paper clips. But you knew that.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I think you need a humidifier by your bed and a tall glass of water on your nightstand.

Next to your lip balm.


Sweet dreams lovely lady.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

jkhenson said...

What wonderful writing! You are so impressive! Maybe I need to send you a case of Blistex just in case you head to the moon soon? :) I agree with Thimbleanna-paper lips require preparation-multiple sticks multiple places. I have previously mentioned paper lips, and I have them all over including the glove box, my purse and bathroom! :) Safe space travel! :)