Friday, October 01, 2010

What Would You Write On Your Hat........

........If you were lost in the desert for six days and beginning to think the jig might be up?

Today is Friday. I'm off to visit Lily and family, which has grown to include, not only two grandsons, but a brand new grand-puppy, on Sunday. Soooo.....The List is longer than usual. But  nevertheless, I carried my coffee back to the sewing room this morning for a quick e-mail check, and to see what was going on in the world.

Edward Rosenthal, a fit and enthusiastic hiker of 64, took a wrong turn after a hike in Joshua Tree National Park and wandered in the desert, like Moses, but only for six days [and I assume six nights too.] Mr. Rosenthal had a bit of a name for himself as a writer of poetry and such area in the Los Angeles area, so never left home without a pen in his pocket. He decided to write some thoughts for his wife and daughter, whom he was increasingly convinced he would never see again.  He had his trusty pen, but no paper.

So he spilled his heart out on his hat.

By the time I finished reading about it the screen was kind of blurry. I sat there for a long time wondering....

What would I write on my hat if I were lost in the desert and thinking the show was over?

What would the OC write?

What would my children write?

What would you write?

Mr Rosenthal was eventually found, weak and dehydrated, but otherwise in good spirits, and is expected to make a full recovery.........I wonder though, if he will look back on this as a life changing experience?
Sometimes we need to take a wrong turn to see what is really important in life.

His wife is planning to frame the hat....Naturally!


Pauline said...

Interesting question - I'd probably write much the same things I write on my blog... love, appreciation, fears, joys. What would YOU write?

Anonymous said...

I would write about how much I have to be thankful for in my life, that I have had a good life,that I love my wife and family, that I am ready to meet God.

I would also curse the #@*%@ travel agent who booked me on this desert "tour".

What about you Molly? You didn't tell us what you would write.

Thimbleanna said...

What an interesting story. And question. (To which you owe us an answer, btw.)

I can think of lots of things I'd write...a to do list in case I ever got out of there alive, things I wish I'd had time to do and never did, things I did and loved, notes to people I love, and mostly, apologies for leaving my house in such a mess! ;-)

Friko said...

that's a hard one. there would be so much to say and, at the same time, really very little, except for the important three words.

I have no idea.

HELP! maybe?

Meggie said...

An intriguing story, with luckily, a happy ending.
I have no idea what I would write. I think it to be one of those, 'don't know till you get there' things.
Enjoy your stay with family and new Granddog.

Stomper Girl said...

Ha! Do you think I can EVER find a pen when I need one?! I suppose I would write love and maybe reassurances for the children.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I kept thinking while I read that news article that I probably wouldn't have a pen, or maybe even a hat, and that his hat must have been a very large hat indeed to hold so much text.

It was amazing he was found in time.

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That is unprecedented. Completely, absolutely, deeply unprecedented. I'm so glad you shared it.

What would I write on my hat?

I'd write about love, life and hope. I'd be thankful, and at peace. I'd try to leave the regrets where they are in the past, and only offer up last words that would touch the hearts of those for whom they were written, and anyone else who wanted to read them.

Thank you, Miss Molly, for this.
I'm swiping it from you, it must be passed on.


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

secret agent woman said...

I'd write a note to remind the people I love how very much I love them.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the hat guy! I think I'd write:

a)a bucket list to keep me going in case rescuers show up

b)lots of lovey words to my husband

c)a list of who gets what cookbooks in the event of my Demise

But then, I'd realize I didn't have my pen with me. Or a pencil. Or a quill. Or a hat. So I'd probably just sulk.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Nope , wouldn't be writing on the hat . I'd be too busy trying to make a huge eye-catching message , easily visible from a light 'plane , on the ground .

dianne said...

i've had plenty of time to think about this ... i'd like to think i'd be altruistic, but i dunno ... i might mention watering the plants (cuz no one else EVER remembers - even when they are dry and droopy from neglect) ... my grandbabies already know that i love them ... and my other peeps (including all y'all) do, too ... so ... i think i'm good to go

thank you for the untwisted hope, by the way - i knew i was in deep doo doo when scrubbing the toilet on hands and knees actually felt better than standing up and walking

Pam said...

I'd just tell my family I love them, I suppose. Though I never wear hats so it's a bit academic. I always have paper, though...

(As to whether Scotland could supply you with shoes... hmm. I imagine so. Being a shortie, I have fairly short feet so have never looked at the bigger sizes.But we also have tall people, so - yes. Book your flight now.)

jkhenson said...

I clicked on the tortilla torte and it didn't come up, so I'm posting here. That recipe sounded so yummy. I only recently noticed that you were nearby visiting. Next time we'll have to do tea or coffee! :)) Hope all is well!

ancient one said...

I'd probably tell my family that I loved them (one more time) and tell them that GOD loves them and I expect to see them all sometime later. And I would express my Love to GOD and thank him again for all he has provided for me and all the times (and things) HE has brought me through.