Friday, August 19, 2011

We Weren't Looking For It, Trouble Just Found Us!

caged lion by insane photoholic
caged lion, a photo by insane photoholic on Flickr.

I feel like a lion in a cage. Usually I enjoy being alone. I have the house to myself. The Bean and GF left for the beach, a last grab for summer fun before classes start on Monday. It feels abnormal for the Fall semester of university to start in August, but this is Florida, and this is how they do it here, and no-one is interested anyway whether I think it's normal or not.

The heavens opened shortly after they left and I stood at the window and watched the deluge. After it spent itself, and the sun came out again, I still stood, watching large, stray drops plonk onto the pool surface and ripple out in liquid circles 'til they met each other and died.......

We've had our share of excitement here this past week, God knows. You'd think I'd be glad of the quiet and not be so restless!. Coming home from the usual visit to the Ancient One, one evening last week, we were on the main road, with the right of way. A shiny new red car was stopped at a stop sign to the right of the intersection we were approaching, but as we came into the intersection the red car started coming across! The Bean managed to swerve so that the red car, when it hit us, hit the back passenger side of his car and not the front where I was sitting. No-one was hurt, thank goodness, but our hearts were pounding. A cop car was cruising through the neighbourhood just as we got out of our cars, so no call had to be made, he was right there. A little bantam rooster of a lady got out of the red car, all consternation, twittering a mile a minute about her brand new car, and she never saw us and the sun was in her eyes and oh my poor aged aunt I just picked her up and we were going for ice cream, are you alright auntie? Auntie was sitting impassively in the front seat, watching the shenanigans through hooded eyes, her aged face an expressionless mask, beneath her crown of immaculately combed and sprayed hair. She appeared to be unhurt, but her niece continued to twitter, while the nice policeman took care of the police report. He made soothing noises at her but pointed out the pertinent fact, setting sun in your eyes notwithstanding, you did hit him ma'am, even though we know you didn't intend to.The twittering continued unabated while red ants tried to attack us on the grassy verge, which put her in mind of her husband's friend who didn't have his epi pen with him, got bitten by red ants, swelled up and died, such a tragedy! All this in a very "oi, oi" New York accent!

She was a nice lady and it's too bad she and her aged aunt didn't manage to go out that night for ice cream without causing themselves and us so much trouble. It's been back and forth with insurance companies for several days, but now it's all ironed out. Her insurance is taking care of everything, though they did, inexplicably, deem the Bean's car to be a total loss! Whaddyamean a total loss? It's dented for heaven's sake!

Even though it's twelve years old and has mucho mileage, it was still running well, but they estimated the damage repairs to be more than the value of the car. As he emptied out all his personal stuff from it last evening he looked very sad. You know how attached guys get to their vehicles.......So, he'll be looking for a new [to him] vehicle as soon as they send him a check.

Whew! Meanwhile they've provided him with a rental, and he just called to say they arrived safely at the beach and the sun is shining.

As much as I enjoy my own company, I'm restless today. It's Friday, so I'm going to go get a pizza and inflict myself and it on a friend who is housebound following eye surgery this morning. Hopefully no-one in a shiny new red car will hit me in the pizza joint's parking lot!


secret agent woman said...

Good that no one was hurt. And I get very attached to my vehicles, too - I'd hate to have to hand mine over.

Ali Honey said...

Well done son for saving his Mum from injury! Even when you see it coming and it's not your fault it shakes you glad you are all okay.
Poor car - it is amazing how they are ready to trash them when only a little damaged.( make sure it gets deregistered) - we saw our old car ressurected and driving around - the panel beater or scrap dealer had onsold ours to some young guy and it was still in our name.
We would have been liable for any infringements or tickets earned by the car whoever the driver.( scary thought. )I hope the new car is as trustworthy as the old one.

Relatively Retiring said...

So glad no one was hurt, but it's a horrible shock. What a way to get an ice-cream!
I endorse all that Ali says, too.

Friko said...

It's what they do here too, they write off your car if they think a repair job is dearer than the resale value of an old car.

Silly twittering lady, no doubt she didn't mean to hit you but perhaps she should take more care in future.

I'm glad nobody was hurt.

dianne said...

and that's why i hate driving at sundown ... or sunrise ... and anytime before, between, or after for that matter. it's a shame, i used to love to drive. and i, too, always have "feelings" for my cars - some of them i have hated, but most i have been very, very fond of - i think it may have something to do with the sense of freedom that they can provide.

did the insurance company give the Bean the option of buying back the title? i did that once - they sold my old beater back to me for $75 and i drove it for another year (and then gave it to my brother - he drove it for a year and gave it to his brother-in-law, who drove it till it fell apart) ... anywho, i am glad to know that you and yours are safe from fire ants and shiny new cars.

Thimbleanna said...

Wait! Isn't that the second total loss accident for the Molly Bawn's this year??? I'm sure glad son has quick reflexes!

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that everyone is well. :)