Friday, March 30, 2012

Recent Kickle Sighting

We had life, cameras and action here last Saturday. The OC was home, a brief twenty four hour stop on his way to Chile. Lily, Son-in-Law and the Spinny Kickles, heading back from their beach week,

stopped in for a visit; the Bean was back for the w.e.; and the Girlfriend came over.  Rather than torturing the Kickles by visiting the Prince in his castle, where they would have to remove shoes, and sit like little girls with hands in laps, and make no loud noises or boisterous movements, the Prince came here.  And got reaquainted with his darling grand-daughter and great grandsons. His eyes lit up when they fell on Son-in-Law, a perfect victim for the Threadbare Tales! So the boys were free to romp while their Dad took it in the ears with his usual grace and aplomb!

The OC and Son-in-law manned the grill and nobody left the table [outside, glorious weather] hungry, though youngest Kickle hesitated over his Brat Wrap, pushing it aside and munching on greens and pasta salad instead. Finally, he chanced a nibble. And found, to his surprise, that "it wasn't as bad as he expected!"

With a long road ahead, the travelers left early, the Prince returned to his still-pristine castle, mollified to have been invited, and having an opportunity to give the Tales an airing, and the OC fell asleep on the couch. By daybreak on Sunday he'd already taken to the skies, en route to Santiago, where he landed safely, in spite of the earthquake they'd arranged to welcome him!

Bright and early tomorrow the OC lands here again for a few days of relaxation [perchance].....Though he will be in hyper-efficient, tax return preparation mode..............Hmmmm. To stay or find a quilt shop to visit?


Thimbleanna said...

Ha! That's an easy one Molly -- find that quiltshop stat! Taxes make everyone grumpy -- you don't want to see that, do you???

It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with the family!

Relatively Retiring said...

That sounds like the perfect family get-together, with Threadbare Tales given a good airing and food 'not as bad as expected'!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Find a quilt shop. Preferably one that allows an overnight visit. :) blessings, marlene

Birdydownunder said...

my what a busy life you lead. How wonderful.
ummm Tax oh how I hate that time.... The Scot does the work (or so he says) but I have to stay around to answer any questions or find the items he can't see under his nose.
Good luck go to the quilt shop if you can

Pam said...

What are Spinny Kickles? I mean, I can see that they're your grandsons. But why the name?

You don't think that my grandson will some day be a big boy like that, do you? I can't imagine it.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A wonderful weekend ... one to store carefully and re-enjoy often .
Isn't it strange how very skinny and tall little boys become .... almost overnight !

Pauline said...

such a business! wish you weren't several states away - we could finish up those chocolate chip cookies and take a walk while OC rests!

Pam said...

Thanks for your kind comment but no, I'm failing to adjust to my darling daughter being in London (and married to the chap to whom she's married....).

Retirement is a bit odd too, and dismantling my mum's house. But it's the daughter thing that's unbearable. But there we are.