Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Striding Boldly Into The Stash

Warning: Content may cause drowsiness in non-stitchers

I had a cunning plan.

 If I left the vacuum cleaner out, in a conspicuous spot before going to bed, I'd be bound to notice it, or at least trip over it, in the morning, thereby reminding my brain that the house needed to be vacuumed.

 It didn't work. I like a clean house as much as anybody, but there are so many more interesting things to do, and I am easily distracted. I did glimpse it as I emerged from the bedroom next morning, but quickly averted my gaze, stepping daintily around it en route to the kitchen.  I think I heard it sigh as I passed by. Giving heartfelt thanks to the gods for inventing coffee, I sped to the sewing room before my eyes could land on the vacuum cleaner again and guilt could set in. My cunning plan, and the vacuum cleaner, would have to wait. I was on a  mission. I'd make something for Miss Oris, who had, after all, just had a birthday. Because I am such an accomplished procrastinator, I had not sent her card,  never mind a present.

When the Prince died last summer (may he rest in peace) Miss Oriss carted three large storage bins from his house, where she had been staying with him, to my sewing room..... yards and yards of beautiful quilting fabric. Miss Oris loves fabric. She loves to buy it, and stroke it, unfold it, admire it, fold it again and store it in pretty, see-through storage bins. The one thing that strikes terror into her heart is the prospect of actually cutting into it and sewing something. She leaves that to me. So since she was returning to her home up north, and her fabric collection was too extensive and heavy to lug with her, it came to live with me.

"Use it, " she said airily, waving in the direction of the towering stack of storage bins. "Take and use whatever you like," and off she went to the north where she busied herself shoveling snow and ----can you believe it?  Buying more fabric! She needs a twelve step program and an immersion course in cutting and stitching. And a chip implanted behind her ear that will sound the alarm if she steps inside another quilt shop. Oy!

Anyway. Having successfully sidestepped the vacuum cleaner, I spent the next three hours making an apron from a panel she had in one of the bins. She even had coffee bean fabric so I made it reversible. And couldn't keep a big old grin off my face. I just love making stuff!

Folded it up, popped it in a bubble mailer and hied me to the post office. Mission accomplished. One small foray into the stash.


She called today.

"You shouldn't have," she said.

It was fun," I replied.

"And besides, we need to sew more, and faster, if we're to make inroads before we die."

That's when she 'fessed up.

"Actually," she said in a very small voice, "I bought more fabric the other day."

Three steps forward and four back!

Up next: Twelve step program for fabric maniacs.....

But first I must go and appease the vacuum cleaner, which has abandonment issues.


Susan Kane said...

I laugh, because my own clear plastic storage bins are stacked as well. And because I bought new fabric a few days ago...It is indeed an addiction. Love the apron! Nicely done.

Confession: I once did the same thing with my own vacuum cleaner; in the night, I ran into it and broke a little toe.

Elephant's Child said...

That is a brilliant apron - and without doubt a much appreciated gift.
Sadly, the vacuum cleaner, the mop and the duster ALL have abandonment issues here. Soon. Ish.

And the garden is calling me with a much more enticing tune. As is my unread pile of books...

Thimbleanna said...

What a Super Cute apron Molly!!! I LOVE that background fabric, and probably would have trouble cutting into it. There' just something about new fabric -- especially now, when the fabric companies only create a print for a few months. They're very clever -- it creates a frenzy. I wish there were a cure, but some days, I'm glad there isn't!

dianne said...

and THAT'S how you get things made - by ignoring the vacuum cleaner and its minions!!! when my socks start to slip and slide on the hardwood, i get out the dust mop and push the slippery stuff around so that it isn't such a hazard ... i do love aprons out of pretty fabric!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Love the apron
and wish I could sew.
My mom could make anything
and I can sew on a button and that is about all.
But I do dig in the dirt...

molly said...

Susan---You sew? Do show!

EC---The garden could use more than a lick here too....I do have a gardening wall-hanging half made, pinned to the wall in the sewing room---does that count as gardening?

Anna---That's no background fabric. The whole apron was on the panel. I only had to cut and sew on the pockets and ties and make it reversible....

Dianne---I have a panel for another apron in my own stash---All kinds of hot red and yellow peppers on a black background, destined as a gift for an aspiring chef....

One Woman---It's never too late to start! One stitch at a time!

Birdydownunder said...

What a fabulous present and what a lovely sil. I think there should be a World Wide Club for Unloved Vacumm Cleaners there seems to be many. and
Molly, unless you want to get an Epitstle in your comments (from me) you must change your settings so that I can reply to the comment you leave on my blog.
Thanks for your nice comments, the hexies is planned for a quilt for my bed in the distant future of course. The Secret Keeper took some getting into, but it kept me fasinated with quite a few twists and turns and then the ending.
Have you read Breakfast with Buddha.
I often drop in just to see your Reading List ..... any more gems you recommend please.

Wisewebwoman said...

I just love that apron. Sucker for aprons.

You haven't seen my craft room. So jammed with unmade dreams there's room only for 1 tiny chair and tiny table and more dreams.


Frances said...

Hello Molly,
May I intrude and say my bit?
I am a neglectful housekeeper.
I am usually never bored.
One day recently some black leylines between the stars came into some unusual alignment, (or something else entirely) and I hauled out vacuum, eco cloths, sprays, mops and sand soap and cleaned the whole place from top to bottom.
Then I sat down and looked at it. And did nothing else. And felt bored.
It occurred to me that a lot of my activities are actually based on procrastinating re housework. "I should do..sweeping, mopping, dusting, but I would rather..paint a picture, garden, read, write, watch catch-up tv or .."
And I go for it. And the dust doesn't matter. Does it?

Pam said...

Yes, well I can suggest a solution to this problem. You go to a quilt show (your first, in my case), buy some little bits of material to add to the ones that Anna brought and that you haven't done anything with yet - and then you leave some of it on the bus on the way home. It was particularly cute material with pictures of trains on it and now I don't need to worry about doing anything with it. Sorted. Sort of.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've tried the same vacuum cleaner trick. Sometimes it works, other times I pass it by without a second thought.

Cool apron.

Lee said...

I thought I was the only one proficient at the side-step! I do it often...it's a good form of exercise, I decided!

I make great, expansive plans the night before the morning after! Very few of which come into fruition!

Love the apron.

Dee said...

Dear Molly, I'm sending the URL for this posting to friend of mine who has recently told me that she can't stop buying material for quilting! I'm sure she'll get a chuckle out of this. Peace.

Joanie said...

Thanks Dee -- and Molly. I do see myself, except of course that I'm the buyer and the sewer. The bad part is that the buyer part of me is much more prolific than the sewer. Imagination is the most wonderful thing in the world. Too bad money and time don't always go along with that imagination.

Ali Honey said...

Love the apron! Think of it as doing someone else a service...someone who needs help. She may buy for me if she wishes.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I think I might need a 20 step program. :( blessings, marlene