Sunday, October 04, 2015

Busy Morning at the Bistro

 Retirement is all about having the time to try new things. We've recently taken the plunge into the restaurant business. We've opened a bistro. Nothing fancy, just two flower pots and a shepherd's hook, but business has been brisk.

Our patrons all live in the neighborhood. Many of them are natty dressers with a preference for shirts in shades of red. The red shirts are a bossy bunch, preferring to have the place to themselves and are not above bullying the other customers. The management tolerates them as they add a dash of color and character to the establishment, but we like to encourage, and cater to, a diverse clientele.

A newcomer today --- our fame is spreading.

 It makes drinking our coffee in the mornings so much more entertaining. 

The patriarch of the red clan wears the brightest shirt and, if he's at the head table, everyone else waits at a respectful distance in the nearby trees.  He will allow his ladies, recognizable by the duller red of their shirts, to dine at the other table (it's a small bistro), but any strangers passing by would be well advised to wait 'til he's had his fill. He's always armed. 
I, for one, would not want to be on the business end of that beak.

Waiting for a table...

I was walking by the bistro last evening and the red shirts were swooping by, dangerously close.

Whoa! (I thought) Knock it off. I'm not some big peaceful dove you can push around. Neither am I one of those wee fellows in the grey suits with their black heads and sporty quiffs!

The cutie in the grey suit

Well, came the response (I have an active imagination in which I have conversations with birds) You can't expect to be kept on as manager of this joint if the service is as poor as it is tonight!

Oh-oh! I'd forgotten to fill the pots!

Abject apologies sir, I said . I'll speak to the servers right away. And, to make up for the inconvenience, your Eminence, I'll throw in an extra handful of sunflower seeds.

So I did. And this morning there's been a steady stream of customers. Mr. Red Shirt and his harem have been by several times; the little guys in the grey suits with their spiffy quiffs dart in and out; the peaceful doves had a table for a while but scattered when the woodpecker dropped in for a quick bite.

Size and loudness gets you the best table, quickly.

We haven't been awarded a Michilin star yet and it's highly unlikely we'll be reviewed in the "Taste" section of the newspaper, but, as we drink our coffee each morning and watch the customers lining up, we're counting our new venture a roaring success.


Elephant's Child said...

On this side of the world we run a similar establishment.
Many of our visitors are vandals, all of them are incontinent, some of them are bullies - and they are all more than welcome.

Susan Kane said...

It sounds to be a marvelous success. We had a murder of crows roosting around our houses, creating a mess, scaring off song birds. But now they have moved to a nearby park for roosting. There is one sentry guard that keeps all informed. Song birds are back.

Thimbleanna said...

You're too funny Miss Molly. Glad to hear your new venture is a big success!!!

Relatively Retiring said...

Such an enjoyable way to spend coffee time. I just wish my customers would clean up after themselves a bit and not fling the food around so widely. Also, like EC's visitors, they are incontinent and have been eating the dark red grapes.
I also run a pick-your-own establishment for herons in my garden pond.

Marigold Jam said...

So glad your bistro is doing so well.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

We're a typical urban establishment with a rather downmarket clientele , I'm afraid . Seagulls , magpies and the occasional one-legged pigeon .
I expect the tips are better in Florida , too .

molly said...

EC --- I think your clients are bigger and more exotic than ours, but big or little they're all fascinating to watch!

SK --- We haven't had any crow clients yet. Several months ago crows would come around every evening at the same time, loud and raucous. We think they had designs on our strawberries! I've also seen and heard them out among the pine trees behind us, shouting and flapping at a huge old owl whom they obviously saw as a threat. He just sat impassively on his branch, ignoring them!

Anna --- : )

RR --- Shhh! Don't say "grapes" too loudly or our clients will be looking for more sumptuous fare!

MJ --- glad to see you here. But, as always, I have trouble visiting your blog. Any suggestions?

S&S --- The tips are all in the pleasure we get from watching them!

Lee said...

Open all hours, too, I noticed! But of course your main trade, the busiest times are the daylight hours. And you don't have to hire staff...and there's no tables to be set or washing up to be done! No napkins or tablecloths to be laundered! Greatest little bistro in the world...and I bet the patrons don't ever complain...well, very rarely, anyway! :)

Dee said...

Dear Molly, you may not be reviewed in the Taste section of any magazine but I bet you could get this posting printed in a newspaper for the Gardening page or in a magazine for women. It's so delightfully tongue-in-cheek. I think it would just tickle pink the readers of a larger publication. Peace.

molly said...

Lee --- you've thought of all the details that never even occurred to me, which makes me think of the biggest bonus of all --- the bistro doesn't even tie us down being, for the most part, self service!

Dee --- Lovely to hear but I think there's some stiff competition out there --- just look at some of the comments above. It's good to see you again!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I run a similar restaurant, but your feeders are cuter.

Unknown said...

loved it! You have such a way with words and enjoyed every word of it. I wish I could open a Bistro like that, however, I am afraid I would only be feeding my cat!

molly said...

Hi Luann! Glad to see you here..... Put your bistro up high enough and your cat won't be able to reach your patrons!