Sunday, November 13, 2016

There Was Once a Little Tiger With a Very Big Roar

On November thirteenth, an unspecified number of years ago, I became a mother for the first time. The universe had not researched my qualifications, just plopped her in my lap. She was the most beautiful and the most terrifying thing that had ever happened to me.
I could not believe that, after less than a week in the hospital (those were the days!) they turned us out. The OC, who was at that time a very junior curmudgeon and better at bluffing confidence than I was, came to take us home. When I suggested they should send a nurse to live with us for that first year they only laughed and told us everything would be fine. Really? I could not believe their cavalier attitude towards this precious new scrap of humanity.

But, to my everlasting surprise, everthing was fine.

She grew and she thrived and she taught me not to be such a scardy cat and to have a little faith.

She changed and enriched our lives forever.

Now she is all grown up - a smart, kind, gentle and beautiful soul, with two children of her own.

Today is her birthday.

Happy, happy, day EB!

With love,



Elephant's Child said...

Misty eyed here.
Happy birthday EB, and a happy birthing day to you.
The fact that she is smart, kind, gentle and a beautiful soul says that you did better than fine. And have set the train in motion for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mama. I had the best example of kind, gentle beautiful soul to grow up learning from. xoxo

dianne said...

today - the 14th - is my oldest's fortieth birthday ... happy birthday to our babies!!!

Gillie said...

I got a whole week, lol! By the third one, seven years later....2 days'. We did it, Molly! Well done us!

gz said...

I've just got a granddaughter on the 9th..Happy Birthday Molly's daughter !!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Aren't families wonderful !

Pam said...

Oh, happy belated birthday, Daughter of Molly.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Mine also have birthdays around now - one this past Monday and one yesterday. They were my Thanksgiving babies.