Thursday, November 23, 2017


It rained today. 
All day. 
Mother Nature humoring those who still can't get their heads around Thanksgiving by the pool. Normally I would not be writing today. I'd be juggling the mashed potatoes, the creamed spinach, the stuffing, the gravy, the cole slaw, the sweet potato casserole, the orange-cranberry sauce and the pies, timing everything to be ready at the same time, while the OC performed grill magic on the turkey in the sunshine. 

But today  - no sunshine, no children, no grandchildren, no neighbors or friends, just us two. So we made a daring decision - eat out. First time in 47 years. I hope my mother-in-law was not watching from up there. She'd surely think I was sinking to new depths. 

We did make pies though. You gotta have pies - Sweet Potato and Bourbon Pecan. 
I don't think we'll make a habit of it. I can still hope for a few Thanksgivings, before the jig is up, where we might, by some miracle, have all our children and grandchildren around the table once more. 


Overheard at the library recently...

"How are you?" said she.

"Grateful," said he.

I stopped in my tracks.  Most of us are not looking for a full organ recital when we ask that question, but what a better answer than the usual "Fine thanks," or "Great thanks, or "Been better," or "So-so."
I think I'll adopt it.
 I don't always remember to be grateful. So much easier to have a little moan.
And there's a lot of moaning going around in recent months.
This was a one-word reminder that there is as much to be thankful for as there is to moan about.
Accentuate the positive.
Count our blessings

Want to know how I am today?


 Thanks for asking.


Susan Kane said...

So very correct. Some foods must always be present on T-giving: pie, all sorts of pie.

Grateful. I am so very grateful.

Elephant's Child said...

Now that is a truly perfect response. Thank you.
And glad that you had pie.
Perhaps, just perhaps your m-i-l was thinking 'why did I never do that?'.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Marigold Jam said...

Hope the Thanksgiving meal was good? We could probably all use that response more often - thanful to be reminded that we have much to be grateful for.

Colette said...

The pies sound great! I love sweet potato pie, maybe more than pumpkin. How was the meal "out." Our own Thanksgiving by the pool was lovely. We didn't get the rain, but it was nicely overcast. :)

Sabine said...

Never no pies. I could do with one. No Thanksgiving in my life but I can do a green pie for St. Patrick's.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Don't do Thanksgiving either , but I'd love some pie right now .

Jenny Woolf said...

We don't have Thanksgiving, but I would consider eating out for christmas, except that I don't much like roast dinners. We used to have a veggie Christmas until our kids got married to partners who liked meat.

Pam said...

We don't really do pies here. I know someone who, when asked how he is, tends to say, "Nae worse." (He's Scottish.)

Gillie said...

Mustn’t grumble........