Sunday, June 05, 2022

I Can See Clearly Now


Yup. Nothing to do with computers but rather with those pieces of glass that turn a dwelling from a gloomy cave into a bright living space into which the sun can shine.

Which would you rather live in?

Me too.

But washing windows? Seriously? Not in my top ten favorite things to do. Doesn't even make it into the top twenty. There are forces driving me in any direction but the washing of windows.

Sure, I could hire someone to do the job. But ah. Would they do it right? There's the rub. As thoroughly as I would when motivated, which does happen, though not often enough. But this month - ta da! It's happening. 

Even though at any hour of the day, any day of the week, any week of the year I'd rather be reading, stitching, puttering in the garden, collecting seashells at the beach or pretty leaves at the park for projects yet to be decided upon, it got to a point where, if I didn't address the window issue, we'd soon be living in a cave.

Buckets of water were commandeered, along with Pine Sol, rubber gloves, rags, paper towels, Windex and a step stool. 

For the past week I've been washing windows;

 scouring mud from frames; removing, scrubbing and hosing down screens; evicting an army of  disgruntled spiders and any number of tiny twigs from the tight spaces in which they had set up their housekeeping and reproduction facilities.  At least they looked like little twigs. It wasn't until they wriggled that I realized they were tiny creepy crawly centipedes - agh!

My mother-in-law never wasted her time on the kinds of activities I engage in to avoid or defer domestic chores. Whenever she arrived for a visit, no matter how frantic my last-minute dusting, sweeping and polishing had been, as soon as she'd taken off her coat, she'd set herself to cleaning. Which always got me silently seething. We did not live in squalor! Our house was clean enough! But not for her. In spite of resenting the implicit criticism, I knew from whence her passion came. Having lost everything and every place she loved in the war, she treasured what she'd won back through hard work and perseverance - and she kept it all spotless. And now, those same hardships that had driven her from her home to the other side of the world are happening again to her fellow countrymen. I'm glad she's not here to see it.

But, back to the windows. They're why I haven't blogged this past week. But wait, you say. What about all those other empty weeks? Hmm. Laziness? No inspiration? Too many good books, too many stitching projects? Horror at the brutality, war and intolerance that parts of the human race are inflicting on other parts? Maybe all of the above, and then some. 

Who knew that window washing would be what finally shook me out of my lethargy? But there was another motivating factor. A few days ago, a long-time fellow blogger threatened to quit. I tried to comment, to say Oh no, please don't go! But Blogger wouldn't let me. Why they have to change what was working perfectly well is beyond me. So, this is for you Pam - Please don't go!

Meanwhile, though I'll never be, nor even aspire to be, the domestic goddess my mother-in-law was, there is satisfaction in clean and gleaming windows.

And in not living in a cave.


Elephant's Child said...

PS: I think I have gone to Spam.
I have found that when I cannot comment on a post, that opening a new tab (and it doesn't matter what) while keeping the blog tab open, and going back to the blog means that I can comment again. Good luck.

gz said...

Cleaning windows is very satisfying!!
Letting the light in!!

Anonymous said...

The window cleaner did mine on saturday afternoon and did inside as well this time! Thank you for your kind comment. I feel I am gradually returning to blogging. But it's all changed whilst I was away so bear with me as I negotiate the new terrain. I've missed reading your wise and witty posts so will persevere!

Anonymous said...

Seem to have changed ny name to Anonymous! It's me marigold jam!

Colette said...

I cleaned a few windows recently in anticipation of guests. I had to force myself to do it. I felt very good about myself afterwards. But alas, our company had small children and some of those windows have lovely little fingerprints on them again.

Annemiek said...

Hi from an odd passerby-er ( if that is a correct word..) who really enjoys your style of writing. I read a few of your stories and you have a wonderful way with words in a way that makes me re-read sentences just because they sound so nice.
Thanks for the effort you put in your stories, they bring me joy..

molly said...

EC - thanks for your suggestion. I tried multiple times but kept being sent in a circle! No luck, but I'll keep circling!

gz - yes, even though I can think of multiple ways I'd rather spend my day, it is satisfying when it looks like there isn't even any glass between you and the outdoors. Let's see how long that lasts. We're at the beginning of hurricane season here!

MJ - delighted to see you here blogging again.

Colette - yes, it is a sisyphean task, especially with little ones around. But they won't be little for long so bring on the smeared windows!

Annemiek - So nice to see your comment. Welcome!

dianne said...

a year ago a Company cleaned the gutters and the windows and power-washed the house ... and then there was hail and wind from a small tornado ... mmhmmm - trashed the gutters, the roof, the windows and their screens ... lesson learned

Annemiek is right, you know - both of you have a way with words and you are, both, awesome

Pam said...

Hello! Oh all right, I won't quit. Though shouting into the void sometimes feels a bit daft. i know what you mean about Blogger - there are all sorts of things I can't now do, that I could before. And various bloggers I can't comment on without signing on to Google, which I can't seem to do. And now one of my favourite blogs is inaccessible because IT'S DANGEROUS AND MY VIRUS PROTECTOR THINGIE SAYS I CAN'T. Which is ridiculous because it's written by a single lady who lives on a remote Scottish island with 35 inhabitants and posts pictures of scenery, her hens and her cat. I'm positive that she isn't trying to steal my soul.

I'm very touched at your message, though! xx

Ali Honey said...

Hello ! ( and Pam above ). I think for "our" age we are doing okay just trying to keep up with modern technology.
I'm not a good window cleaner...there are always streaks when I finish. Ranch sliders are better a bit dirty so one doesn't walk into them!

molly said...

dianne - washing in the outdoors, whether it be windows, cars or hanging laundry out to dry,is a way to guarantee that the gods, gloating all the while, will send rain.

Pam - Whew! Glad you've decided to stay. Even if you only did it once a week it'd be better than totally quitting. I can comment on most blogs but yours tells me to sign in to goofle (even though I'm already signed in!) and when I try to comply ittakes me back to "sign in to google"! Pretty frustrating...

Ali - Aha! Great rationalising Ali! My m-i-l used to put decals of birds on her sliding glass doors because, as much as she cleaned, there was a serious danger that people otherwise would try to walk through them without opening them first! You might be tempted to do that here at the moment after my big cleaning job, but pretty soon the smudges will return and we'll all be spared that hazzard for another few months.

molly said...

Pam - I didn't mean to write "goofle" but I kinda like it!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh dear -- I surely did not need a reminder of how lax I've been at cleaning my windows -- we're rapidly approaching cavedom here, but there are so many other interesting things to do. I'm very impressed that you've managed to get yours done! I would be lost if Pam stopped blogging too -- I figure if I visit her now and then she'll keep it up LOL.

Pam said...

Yes, I'm the same - being told to sign into Goofle (like it). Most frustrating...

Pam said...
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