Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!

    Maybe, I thought, as I sat on my gardening stool, clipping the mint plant by the front porch, I should rename my blog. There's not been much in the way of chronicling anything here in recent years. "Occasional Random Ravings," maybe? Or "Very Occasional Random Ravings"? "Books, Quilts and Random Ravings"? Because these are the things that clutter my mind, especially the random ravings.

 Intoxicated by the scent of cut mint, I thought what a good omen it was that the first day of the year should be so inviting that, after a chilly and wintery week since Christmas, whatever needed doing inside was abandoned as we headed out into the warmth and the sunshine. 

  It was so beautiful, sitting out there, the air balmy, the sky blue, the only twitterers I love twittering away in the trees and the OC being neighborly, trimming crepe myrtles for the neighbor across the street. That's him - the grey blur among those bushes.

I've always loved that week between Christmas and New Year. Frosty outside. Frosty, snow-flakey etchings on the windows. Curled up by the fire with books I'd gotten as gifts or, if it was getting dark, just watching fantastical shapes thrown by the flames onto the dining room wallpaper. Walking outside, you'd better be bundled up with scarves and mittens, crunching along the icy paths. It's the feeling of it all I miss, certainly not the temperature.

The new year fills me with optimism. Maybe this'll be the year I'll kick all those half-made quilts to the curb; or get back to writing regularly; or unravel that bainin sweater I started eons ago and abandoned when my mistakes made it a joke that nobody would ever wear; or maybe even dig those boxes of pre-digital photos out of the darkest regions of my sewing room closet and make the books for my children that, so far, I've only fantasized about. 

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Meanwhile, I had downed tools on the porch and swapped them out for pen and paper. Want to write? As the OC is fond of saying "There's nothing like the doin' to get things done!" It's no longer safe to leave things 'til tomorrow when we know that our tomorrows are numbered.

Yup. A new year is a sure sign that time's a-passin'. The balmy weather of New Year's day certainly passed and now we're back to huddling inside!

Maybe my enthusiasm will hold this time, and you'll find, if not exactly chronicles, at least a few, occasional, random mutterings. 


Elephant's Child said...

I really, really hope we do see more posts from you.
Isn't the scent of fresh mint intoxicating? And balmy days (like Goldilock's stolen porridge) which are not too hot and not too cold are bliss.

Susan Kane said...

Good to see your name again! The scent of mint is relaxing. Lavender is also. Growing up in Illinois where winter was real , now living in a desert part of California where winter is about often just a wish. Quilts! I have a few started, then had surgery on left hand and now a major surgery on the right wrist.

Ali Honey said...

Wishing You a Happy 2024 my friend. Glad you are now able to post photos again.
It's quite warm here so most of our time is spent outside. I love my garden. My sewing machine is put away in its bag in the cupboard for now.

Sabine said...

Happy 2024, may you find a way to finish all these quilts and much more. Gardening should come first, however. Lots of tomorrows for you!

molly said...

EC - Fingers crossed that the universe doesn't pitch too many curve balls my way.

SK - I hope those surgeries are successful so you can soon get back to working on those quilts.

Ali Honey - Same to you Ali. The ability to post photos again is a minor miracle, owing to nothing I did, but it does make me happy! The garden and my sewing machine are my sanity savers!

Sabine - Same to you Sabine with lots of healthier tomorrows.
With so much trouble and sadness in the world, making quilts is a small way in which I can, I hope, make at least a few people happier.

Pam said...

Well, you say that. And now it's January 31, and...???

Happy New Year!

Wisewebwoman said...

I hope all is well Molly, you haven't posted in a while and I know as we age there is more fragility in the day to day living.
Stay well.

Molly said...

Pam - life has this habit of scuttling my plans.

WWW - wrote you a reply and then it disappeared! If you send me your email, I'll message you. I appreciate your thinking of me.

Fresh said...

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