Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Family That Speeds Together.....

Yes indeed, there was more.

But first I was allowed to sleep. I was very happy to crawl into the comfort of my bed that night, and oblivion.

The sun came up AGAIN the next morning. The planets were STILL out of kilter, but the sun was shining. The coffee tasted good. God was in his heaven, and, for all I knew, the Evil Cloud had passed.

But it was only Wednesday. The Bean was at an early class. The house was quiet. I did my morning puttering, put on a load of laundry, fed the cat..... And decided to go to the library, where the computers are well behaved. But first, an errand.

Near the scene of yesterday’s crime, I noticed a strange car on the grassy verge. A grey Dodge, parked, nose out, at right angles to the road. I thought it odd, but drove cautiously on and accomplished my errand. On my way back, the Dodge was still there, and this time I noticed the cop in the driver’s seat! The Sheriff’s fund raiser was still in progress. In an unmarked car.....The sneaks.

I thought about pulling over and telling him he was in the wrong neck of the woods. To come with me to where the real problem was. Instead I raced home [at a sedate thirty mph] to call the Bean, who was probably, even now, on his way home. No answer, so I left a message. Be careful, unmarked cop car, waiting to pounce.

I’m headed out the door again, thinking “library,” to find the Bean. In the driveway. Sputtering. Because there’s a grey dodge behind him, flashing its headlights. And a cop giving him a ticket. Another one for God and Country!

At first, when he saw the grey car follow him into the driveway, he thought it might be someone turning around, or maybe looking for directions...!

Meanwhile, a real cop car is cruising by, sees his buddy in the stealth vehicle, and turns in. Friendly young cop from yesterday climbs out. Sees me and smiles in recognition.

“Hi Molly!” using my first name.
“Hi,” I respond glumly.
“How’re you doing?”
“I’ve had better days...”

Later I ask the Bean why he didn’t answer when I called? He’d had to turn his phone off for class, and forgot to turn it back on. I wasn't exactly well positioned to be delivering a lecture. Partners in crime. Won't the OC be charmed with the pair of us.... A comedy of errors. Except nobody’s laughing…..You’re surely not laughing.....Are you???

And so it went. With Friday, Saturday and Sunday still to come!


Birdydownunder said...

r o f l o..... so sorry Molly but from here it does look funny.
I am still waiting to see you on Worlds Worst Drivers. (running ducking for cover)

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, for heaven's sakes! Isn't Mr. Murphy done with tormenting you yet? I need to have a chat with that man.

As for not being in a position to lecture the Bean, maybe sometimes kids learn best from watching how we handle mishaps.

thailandchani said...

This is funny! I keep coming back to read more. Now I'll still be able to read about three more days. :)



Anonymous said...

GO TO BED! Do not get up until you have a clear sign that the planets have re-aligned themselves. Perhaps a message will be flown to you by a single white dove when it is safe to once again show yourself outdoors.

Stomper Girl said...

You know I never pictured you as a speed-freak, but genetics never lie.

Pam said...

Oh DEAR. Poor you. Surely the week can't get any worse. Unless... you know better???

At least your kitten didn't get stung by a wasp and get a very fat leg and foot. Did she? Ours did. Poor little Cassie Cat. Another £35 for the vet...

meggie said...

Sneaks!! Not fair, that they are allowed to do that.
But, as you say, 'the family that speeds together...'

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh! I'm not laughing. (Well, maybe smiling -- but not really!) Did you ask for a two for one discount? Just think of the silver lining -- when they call at dinnertime with those OBNOXIOUS fund raising campaigns (they're exempted from the no-call list for some ridiculous reason)you can say you gave at the office. Theirs.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Your family is cursed. There's no other way to explain it.

Do they have mother and son jail cells in your town?

Maybe you should consider staying home for the rest of the week... it's just a suggestion.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...


molly said...

Keep laughing Birdy.....

Oh Tanya! Could you?

Sorry to disappoint Chani....things finally calmed down, which makes for duller blogging but more peace of mind.

Believe me TP, I was tempted....

I only LOOK harmless SG.

Vets have to eat too, Isabelle....

How would you finish that Meggie? Perhaps "The family that speeds together---pays together? or maybe---does jail time together?" Neither sounds exciting....

I never thought of that Thimbleanna. A two for one discount. Brilliant! "Ah, hello. Officer Murphy? About last week....."

Heart--I really couldn't say. But if I find out, I'll be sure to let you know!

LGS--be thou not smug! Your turn might be coming!

Dweller---I know the ones of whom you speak. Let them dare.....your comment was on my e-mail. Where did it go?

Eastcoastdweller said...

I don't know where my comment went. Well, if it was a good one, I'd remember what it was and re-post it, so it can't have been too memorable.