Saturday, March 01, 2008

And The Loser Is........

I had my camera in the car yesterday, intending to show my M-I-L the pictures I’d taken of our guild’s challenge quilts. At least I thought I had..... But when I got to the Cave I couldn’t find it. Never mind. It’s probably on the kitchen counter. I’ll bring it tomorrow.

Today is that tomorrow.

No camera on the counter.

No camera on, in or under the washing machine, the bed, or the sofa.
No camera on or under the tables or the chairs.

Panic in my throat. Where did I put my beautiful camera?

The sewing room! Maybe it’s in the sewing room.
No camera in the sewing room.

Becoming irrational now. With rapidly blurring vision I check the fridge, the stove, bathrooms, drawers, garage.
No camera.

The car. It must be in the car! That’s where I intended to put it.
No camera in the car. Nada, nothing, zilch.

To no avail.

No camera anywhere.

Already in the doghouse this week for….
Being too emotional,
Ditto irrational,
Ditto hot tempered,
And unwilling to listen meekly to lectures on my shortcomings.
I’m almost sixty, after all, not six.

I didn’t think it could get any worse. See what I get for thinking?
I can’t believe I’ve lost?...misplaced?.....or had stolen? my insanely expensive, wonderful camera, bought for me by my underappreciated, extravagantly generous, long suffering husband.

How could I be so careless?
I don’t deserve to have anything nice.

I cannot live with this shame.
Marikosan,bring me my sword.....

Calm down;
Let’s not be hasty;
Dry the tearful torrent;
Cold water on swollen eyes;
Comb the hair;
Big, deep breath.
There….doesn’t that feel better?


A recap---
Where did I go yesterday?
The library.
The Cave.

Could I have forgotten to lock the car door?
Could someone have dared to open it and have taken my camera?
I have an optimistic view of people. Unless someone is obviously a villain, I assume decency.
I am not often disappointed.
Nevertheless, I am in the habit of locking the car, and never leave tempting goodies in full view of the curious, or persons with dubious intentions.

Glum, dejected and disgusted, I still had things I had to do. First stop: the Post Office. Half way there I glanced towards the passenger door……

And what to my incredulous eyes did appear???? Drum roll please!

My camera!

The case just barely peeking up from between the door and the seat! Where it had fallen, I now vaguely remember, going a little fast around a corner yesterday.

The nuns were right. There IS a God, and He is merciful to miserable sinners like me. And I just may have to go to church tomorrow. And my trust in my fellow man is intact.

You can put away the sword now, Marikosan.
We won’t be needing it today.


Tanya Brown said...

Oh, bless your heart! Anyone would have been traumatized by that experience!

Who is lecturing you on your "shortcomings"? This you do not need nor deserve.

Jess said...

I'm so glad you've found it!
Whose big idea was it to make cars with hiding places anyway??!?!?

Zanna said...

Oh I do love happy endings!! Love Z xx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Poor Molly! That's the WORST feeling in the world. That rising panic when you start rushing around questioning your every move. I did just that about 2 months ago with one of my lenses. And like you, it had rolled under the back seat. I don't know about you, but sadly, I think I'll be having more of those moments as I grow older. Glad you found your camera!

Kacey said...

God is good --- All the time! Anytime you lose something, it always turns up in the last place you look! Duh! I loved your description of looking for your camera --- you covered every place I could have thought of and found it where I have found things. I suppose we should go for beside the passenger seat first.
This last week, I won my first bid on eBay for an embroidery card for my Bernina and was so happy --- until it was delivered and was the wrong size for my machine! My DH was a little upset at my blowing $65.50, but I found out I can return it and he is being nicer to me now.

meggie said...

So glad you 'found' your camera. My heart was in my mouth for you.

I agree with Tanya, you dont have shortcomings. Feet of clay perhaps, but never 'shortcomings'.

fifi said...

Oh, phew! I broke out in a sweat reading that!

I am always lectured on my shortcomings. I'm rather sick of it.

Ali Honey said...

Phew, that a relief!

Shortcomings? What shortcomings!

Keep smiling Molly.

riseoutofme said...

I've told you this millions of times Molly ... but theres only one "um" ....

Try to remember this when you feel a "lecture" coming on ....

Pam said...

There there! Have a cup of tea!

Nancy said...

I'm sorry for your distress but misery does love company. I have done this very search and am thrilled to know there is another human who actually looked "on, in or under the washing machine" in addition to the stove and refrigerator!

Have you ever called on St.Anthony.. Patron Saint of lost things? (Please St. Anthony come around... some thing's lost that must be found) Childish...I know. I don't know why he hasn't banned me from assistance by now but it's never failed yet! :)

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

YES!! Perfectly written! Substitute "watch" for "camera" and that is EXACTLY what happened to me last week. I LOVE the way you capture the moment.

Eastcoastdweller said...

I know how You feel. Been there, done that.

I love my camera, too.