Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hitler Is A Quilting Instructor

When we met a few months ago, in a Tai Chi class, neither of us would have believed our eyes if we'd been given a peek into the future and seen ourselves, on an afternoon in November, crawling around together on the floor of my sewing room. And yet, that is exactly what my friend, H, and I were doing this afternoon!

On our breaks in Tai Chi class, the subject of quilting came up. It wasn't even one of us. One of the men in the class mentioned that his wife was working on a quilt. Which made me perk up and ask if his wife was a member of the quilt guild. And if not, why not? [I was shy when I was younger. Then I found out what a colossal waste of time being shy was, and I've been making up for lost time ever since.] H chimed in that she loved quilts and wanted to make one. Some day. And so it started.

End of break, back to Tai Chi. The course ended, and even worse, our instructor moved to another state. We were sad to lose him, and sad that we wouldn't be seeing each other any more.

Says who?", said H.

She organized the diehards among us to meet, once every few weeks, down by the gulf to practice Tai Chi in the great outdoors.

It was wonderful. There were only three or four of us each time, but we had such fun, doing tai chi, talking, enjoying the breeze in our hair, and being in sight of the water. More and more, when H and I talked, the subject of quilting came up. I offered to teach her. She accepted. And so it was that this afternoon we were crawling around on the floor of my sewing room.

We've had three sewing sessions in as many weeks. Today she finished her eighteenth and last, nine patch block. She's a very good student. And I'm the Hitler of quilting. "It vill be perfeckt! If not, you vill rrip, and rrrip, and rrrrip!"

Here's how it looks so far---

Don't you like her colours? We went to the fabric store and got batting, and fabric for backing and binding. She never expected to fall so hard, so fast, but I can see all the signs of addiction developing........I'll give you weekly updates until she finishes her table runner. So be warned! Taking a tai Chi class could have dire, unexpected consequences!


Anonymous said...

You are tough! I've never managed perfect in my life! (except my children...)

molly said...

Now, now! No sarcasm allowed,Tracey! Of course I'm not perfect. And part of the instruction is the reassurance that fabric is flexible, and fudging is a big part of achieving the "appearance" of perfection!

Thimbleanna said...

H will never know what hit her! If you also lead her to blogging, we'll know that you are truly evil! The blocks are looking great -- it looks like you're working on more than one new career this week!

Anonymous said...

You should get together with the gal who is trying to hook me on knitting. I already have too many addictions. Is it a crafty plot to stimulate the economy?
Thanks for stopping by.

Suburbia said...

How do you find time to blog and quilt?!! Any more addictions you're not telling us about? ;)

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

I love that!
The story and the quilt, I mean.

They are both equally delightful, and rightfully so.

Aren't friends and fabric wonderful?

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

StitchinByTheLake said...

Start out the way you intend to go - that's what my grandmother always told me. I think that means if you learn right the first time you'll be more inclined to do it right from then on. Anyway, you go ahead and be a mean teacher. She'll thank you for it some day. (If she doesn't shoot you first!) blessings, marlene

meggie said...

Wow, really good going.
Time spent quilting is never wasted.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm naughty. I've been stopping by to enjoy your posts each day, then dashing away without saying so.

I adore the title of this essay. Such lovely colors on the quilt - I think you've corrupted another human being and hooked them on the fabric, you reprobate! Doing Tai Chi sounds neat, all those airy floaty motions.