Monday, January 05, 2009

A Comment For Thimbleanna

Holy smokes!

Ninety comments!? How do you possibly keep up? Congratulations on your blogiversary! Your cranberry thingamajigs sound so yummy. Do you know, energized with New Years' fervor, I cleaned out the fridge yesterday. There was a small bowl of homemade cranberry sauce, tucked away in the back, a last lingering remnant of Thanksgiving.

I hauled it out for inspection.


It looked fine, nicely jelled and firm.

I sniffed. Nothing offensive assailed my nostrils.

Next came the spoon. Yum. It tasted good too.

BUT. And it is a big BUT. [That's B-U-T, not B-U-T-T!]

Nobody here eats cranberry sauce, except around Thanksgiving. What to do? Throwing out perfectly good food wracks me with guilt, given that plenty of people in the world are starving. But the chances that I'll cook another turkey, or even a turkey breast, before next Thanksgiving? Slim to none. The chances that anyone living here will remember to have a helping of cranberry sauce with their next turkey sandwich? Not gonna happen!

Even as I broke the jelled mass into smaller chunks and washed it down the disposal, I knew that the hour was at hand when I'd find a recipe that would make me regret my wastefulness.

Fast forward to tonight. Reading blogs, writing e-mails. Yawning. Seeing that the small hand is at twelve and the big hand is at nine. I really should follow the sensible OC to bed. Especially as I have to be at HQ at nine a.m. to sit with m-i-l while s-i-l accompanies f-i-l to the doctor's. Are you still with me?

One last read. Thimbleanna has come out of her Christmas cocoon and has a new post up. Let's see what it's about.....

Like an avenging angel sent to twitter at me, she proceeds to give me the recipe I should have had yesterday! A recipe for yummy cranberry thingies that would have made excellent use of my little bowl of leftover, homemade, still good, but too fast thrown out, cranberry sauce!

Like the baby bed, too soon given away, then OOPS!

So, onward to next Thanksgiving with one recipe for yummy sounding cranberry thingies added to my arsenal!


StitchinByTheLake said...

I swear Molly it always happens to me that way too! But I'm gonna' go take a look at that recipe so I'll have it next year too. blessings, marlene

Thimbleanna said...

You're SOOO funny Molly -- thanks for the big cheer-up this morning! I'm so sorry I didn't get that recipe up earlier, but clearly, you've answered your own question as to how I keep up -- I don't -- I'm always late!

Sorry to hear you're visiting the hospital again. I hope you're at least getting some needlework done!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love cranberries and try to stock up on them during the holiday season since they only appear in stores then. My freezer is reassuringly full of them now for:

apple-cranberry pie
cranberry-orange relish
oatmeal cooked with cranberries
oatmeal-cranberry-walnut cookies
added to salads

Now I've made myself hungry.

raining sheep said...

That happens to be all the time. Generally though when I find 'thingies' in the back of my fridge they are absolutely not fit for consumption. I found something in my fridge a few days ago and did not even know what it was...

Pam said...

Snap! I threw out some Christmas Day cranberry sauce for the same reason. I actually contemplated making some sort of a fruit loaf with it but then I looked at Mr Life' middle and imagined my own and decided that we didn't need any more calories. But I felt guilty all the same.

And when I checked, Thimbleanna had 112 comments. I'm always pleased to get 20...

meggie said...

Happens with everything I ever throw out. The minute it has gone... we need it.
We all eat cranberry on almost any meat, try it!