Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beware The Full Moon!

My first moon shot.
Originally uploaded by emma lagunday
I had just finished reading an article about tonight's full moon, having noticed earlier, just as it was getting dark, that the moon looked particularly beautiful. I was interested to read that this full moon is larger than others this year will be. Something about it being at its perigee. Technical stuff. I have always thought that, when I'm feeling down, and oppressed by Life's Little Calamities, of which there have been many lately, it is helpful to go outside, in the dark, and look up at the moon and the stars. Kind of puts things in perspective.

And then my cell phone rang. I galloped through the house, trying to remember where I'd left it. In my purse, in the bedroom. It was about 8:55 p.m.

"Hello?" Breathless.

"Hey! I'm on the shuttle! Should be out in about ten minutes. Are you in the cellphone parking lot?"

"Shuttle? What shuttle?" Stupefied.

"In Tampa. At the airport!"

"But you can't be! I checked on-line and it said the flight was delayed! That you'd be arriving at 10 p.m.instead of 8:50!"

"Where are you?" Ominous.

"I'm at home...."

He didn't [couldn't] say anything. He didn't need to. I could hear the blood vessels popping over the phone.

"I'm out the door now!" Grabbing bag and keys.

Ten minutes pass. I've just turned onto the parkway. Cell phone rings.


"Don't speed! Call me when you get here." He seems to have taken some deep breaths since our last little chat. He doesn't sound quite so apoplectic.

The silvery disc of the moon is riding high, illuminating the way. I'm at the airport in under an hour. I call as instructed. No answer.

I pull into the curb behind several other cars outside Southwest. Crane my neck to see if he's sitting somewhere, waiting. Nada. Call again. Still no answer!

Where could he be? Maybe he's waiting further up. Pull out from curb, pass entry to Southwest, pull back into curb. Crane neck some more. Nothing.

Call again. No answer. Phone is down to one bar. Oh! Won't that be swell if my phone dies!

But,hark! It's ringing!


Annoyed, irate, very cranky voice wants to know where I am.

I tell annoyed, irate, very cranky voice that I am outside Southwest arrivals, where I've been for the last ten minutes, repeatedly calling a person who now has an annoyed, irate, very cranky voice, but somehow could not then answer any of my four calls!

It was a very
silent ride home. By the light of the silvery moon.
Maybe next trip he'll take the trouble to write down his flight number.....for the staff.....who are quite feeble minded.


persiflage said...

Men can be VERY unreasonable!
I am waiting until dark to view the full moon, and there is a lot of cloud around. There was even more cloud last night, as well as last month, and I am feeling potentially extremely cheated and short-changed. When a blue moon occurs and you cannot see either of them, something is wrong with the universe.
Zeste is my word verification. Ha!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Beautiful moon shot Molly. It's my belief (and I'm sticking to it) that men are spoiled, and cranky when they aren't spoiled! blessings, marlene

Ali Honey said...

Sorry I giggled! It could have been a very long walk! But in that moonlight quite exhilarating. I hope you were carefully watching for mattresses....have you seen any more on the road?

Warty Mammal said...

Oh, bother!!! So much for lovely moments of peace and contemplation.

Jess said...

The moon was so bright here last night I thought we'd somehow left the outside lights on!

Bother. Sounded like you had a nice interlude planned there, too....

dianne said...

now that's gratitude for ya ... i can never decide what kind of voice i prefer to hear when i pick up the phone - annoyed, irate and cranky or pathetic, sad and whiny ... why is is never thrilled, excited and happy?

and MY word verification is "buckey" - i really like this one - it's the name of the big white (fake) horse at the Bronco stadium

Pauline said...

LOL! Make him walk next time - oh dear, out of petrol, out of phone range, out of patience ;)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Travel does this to us all . Airports must exude something in their air conditioning that renders us all cranky and despairing of ever arriving .

Julie's Journey said...

Tonight is our first blue moon of 2010. A special moon salutation is in order. Ignore bad vibes that may or may not be emanating from someone dear to you and enjoy her because she is so beautiful and mystical. Oh damn, I sound like a nutter but you know what I mean I hope.

The Lass said...

I'll have to agree with Pauline - tell him to walk home next time ;)
Personally, I'm afraid I have to admit that don't deal well with irate and cranky.

Kacey said...

Loved the moon all was out in the daytime and the full moon was fantastic. We have been running back and forth to Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area all week. I think we are buying a house tomorrow morning....if all goes well. About your hypertensive Scrooge of a mate....OOOOHHH! I could just smack him. Tell him to get a secretary! Wives are not meant to be browbeaten, but rather cherished for our artistic abilities... not to mention that we cook meals, wash windows and clean toilets!

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, I'm sorry but I chuckled at the popping blood vessels. I'm just wondering if the OC and TheManoftheHouse were separated at birth??? We haven't seen much of the moon this go round -- too cold to go out there and peek!

Unknown said...

gorgeous moon shot. mine always look like i'm a million miles away.
i'll have to look at it tomorrow night and see if it looks close enough to photograph.

molly said...

I wish that photo had been taken by me! When I tried, it looked like a pinhole in the sky, so I found this gorgeous shot on Flickr instead! Look again and you'll see the photographer's name....

Kacey---you got the wrong end of the stick! "Scrooge" would be the last thing I'd call The OC! He is generous to a fault, and the truth is I really goofed, checking the wrong flight!

Smitonius and Sonata got it right!Airline travel today, with all the idiotic "security measures", the interminable waits for connecting flights, the wear and tear on your patience, is enough to Mother Theresa irate and cranky.......

Meggie said...

I wish I knew how to ignore irate & cranky! It is an art I don't possess, & I always take it on board, instead of just dismissing it!

notsorosey said...

Amazing! Always Molly on the spot-moon shot. Happy OC made it back from the snow country. I mustget with the program and venture out doors to see the sites. Great photo-thanks for sdharing