Friday, November 02, 2012

Day Dreaming of Simpler Times

irish cottage

Sometimes I thoroughly dislike being a grown up. I puttered around the house all day today doing grown-up things. Things like cleaning the toilets; changing the sheets; doing the laundry; vacuuming; sending that e-mail I've been procrastinating about; cleaning the "deposits" out of the litter box; combing the cat, so I don't have to clean up the nasty hairballs he will deposit on my floors if I don't, and on and on and on.....All the stage management that goes on behind the scenes in any household. The things no-one [of the male gender at least] realizes need doing until they're not done.....

My mother was much better at it than I. I think I must take after my Auntie Bid, in whom the scatterbrain gene was dominant. My mother would tell us stories of how Auntie Bid never came straight home from school. She meandered up every lane and by-way, stopping in at farmhouses and roadside cottages to chat with the neighbours, and having cups of tea.

Meanwhile my mother, the responsible big sister, pedaled mutinously home on her bicycle with no detours, to milk the cows.

Even as a child I thought Auntie Bid was the one who had her priorities straight.What were my uncles, their brothers, for if not to milk the cows?

If my mother and Auntie Bid were to rise from the dead and land on my doorstep tomorrow morning I'd be more than happy to hand the reins of the household over to my mother and go gallivanting with Auntie Bid.

What are the chances do you think?


Elephant's Child said...

Oh how I am with you. I get very, very tired of being a grown up. It is not what I expected at all, and there is a lot of it which is drudgery pure and simple. Perhaps we should just emulate your Auntie Bid more often. I don't believe that anyone says on their deathbed 'I wish I had detruffelated the kitty litter more often...' Or any of the other tasks you listed (many of which have been performed here today as well.

Pauline said...

Ah, you are your mother's daughter. Run away with the Aunt!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Housework can swallow days whole .
About the only thing I haven't done today is clean a litter box .... only , I feel , because we don't have a cat .
Tomorrow will be an Auntie Bid day , if it kills me .

Pam said...

Indeed. Very boring. Not that I've ever milked a cow.

You've sprung into life with three posts! Oh dear, how sad the Kimmie post is.

Nice owl quilt, though. I will use those nice things that Anna brought, just as soon as we get the house sorted out post-Mum. And maybe once Christmas is over. But it would be much easier if you'd come and give me some lessons!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I have mixed feelings about that. Although I would vastly prefer your Aunt's approach, it isn't fair that her decision saddled your mother with more than her fair share of the work. Of course, that was her parents' fault for not enforcing a more even distribution of work.

Lee said...

I think Aunty Bid had the right idea...mainly because it's similar to my own! ;)