Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Dream a Little Dream

Earlier this morning:

 We were going on a trip. The kids were all packed and ready, the OC too. I was not. I said I'd follow along after them so they left for the airport and I continued packing. I was having trouble getting everything into my suitcase. The problem was made more challenging by my efforts to carefully squeeze a large pizza box in between my clothes. A pizza box, you might well ask? Yes, a pizza box containing, of all things, a fresh, still hot pizza. The challenge seemed to be to get it in there without squeezing any tomato sauce out onto the clothes I'd packed around it. 

You're probably holding your breath, on the edge of your seat, wondering if I got to the airport on time and if so, if I got to our destination on time, and if so, was the pizza still edible?

I have to disappoint you. I woke up before I even got to the airport.

Last week:

We (not sure who "we" are) were in some kind of vehicle with wheels, riding along at speed on a hard, sandy beach. The wind in our hair, the salty spray stinging our eyes, it felt exhilarating. We came around a headland and suddenly the beach was a lot more watery. The hard sand was now behind us, but still our vehicle continued skimming over the water which had a look of mottled glass, the kind people use where they need light but also privacy. There were opaque circles and blobby shapes on it surrounded by foamy bits and areas of clear water. We were still going in our original direction, parallel, more or less, with the shore. We could see an area closer to shore that had hard packed sand like we'd been on earlier. We decided we should swing around and head back towards it. Easier said than done. The current carrying us along was too swift to drastically change direction. But then we came to an area where the beach swung out towards us and we were able to guide our vehicle there and yeah! Succeeded in getting onto hard sand again. There was a street off to our left so we turned onto it and found ourselves in a picturesque Belgian village. How did I know that? The street signs were in Flemish. I have a shaky, nodding acquaintance with Flemish from the few years we lived in Belgium, though I would certainly flounder if required to speak it. I would have liked to have stayed and explored a bit but that was the point at which I woke up.

This is the only life I have, the only one I expect to have, but these crazy, irrational dreams make me feel like a stranger in my own head. If anyone has a right to know what's going on in there shouldn't it be me? But as soon as I twitch an eyelid, or move a minor muscle, the Killer of Dreams snatches them away and I'm left trying to make sense of the shattered fragments. 

Maybe it's another fallout from the pandemic. Maybe sleeping life is compensating for the ordinariness of waking life - jazzing things up a bit.

It does add a tantalizing element of anticipation to falling asleep - I never know what kind of wild and crazy adventures await as soon as I turn out the light and close my eyes. 

Of course, another possibility is that I'm just nuts


Relatively Retiring said...

If you're just nuts so am I. During the long lock-down I had the most amazing dreams and met many old friends I hadn't even thought of for years. I visited some dramatic old cities, wandered in ancient streets, looked after my own small children for a while and cooked some amazing meals for huge numbers of people.
I don't have your detailed recall of dreams, although I know they were vivid and engrossing.
Amazingly one of the very old friends I dreamed of phoned me a few weeks later because she had encountered me in one of her complex dreams and wondered if I was still around.
Blame the pandemic - but I look forward to going to sleep!

gz said...

No, not nuts. Just the brain putting memories, possibilities and impossibilities together!

They say that dreaming is good for us. Hope they are right!

Elephant's Child said...

I almost always dream in conversations rather than images. I also often dream things which have been bothering me during the day. Sometimes I find solutions in those dreams, and occasionally (very) those solutions work.
I would love to have (or remember) more escapist dreams.

Bijoux said...

I had some weird dreams during lockdown. But I admit, trying to squeeze a pizza into luggage is truly bizarre and it would be interesting to hear the interpretation.

molly said...

RR - In addition to dreams, entertaining or otherwise,it does a great job with the "raveled sleeve of care"! I have a quotation on my fridge door that says "There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope."- Bernard Williams

gz - I think they are...

EC - I have often gone to sleep with a quilting problem on my mind and woken up with the solution!

Bijoux - It might be so bizarre that I'd rather not know! We usually make our own pizza so I have little reason to be dreaming of pizza in boxes.

Birdy said...

I really am getting concerned ..... I am asleep almost as soon as I put out the light, even my daughter says I must be very innocent. Maybe you should cut out the coffee and cheese before bed. But then you would be boring and innocent like me. hahaha. keep safe and well xxx

Sabine said...

You can remember AND write about your dreams. I wish I could. Usually just a fog of images unless it's a nightmare. Weird dreams involving pizza and beaches are not nightmares, or maybe they are?

molly said...

Birdy - Such a nice surprise to see your comment! Are you coming back to blogging?

Sabine - One has to wonder what on earth kind of message those weirder dreams are telling us. And no, I do not usually remember dreams. They usually escape before I can nail them down. Grabbing a pencil, with my eyes still closed, occasionally works!

Dee said...

Dear Molly, no, not nuts! Maybe your subconscious is telling you something that you struggle with during the day. Something that has to do with speed and getting places and moving quickly toward destinations. Who knows. I find myself wishing I could have some dreams that I could remember as I used to. Now, I awake and all disappears--if it was ever really there in the first place! Peace and good dreaming.

Thimbleanna said...

Miss Molly! You're a funny girl. I would have liked to know how the pizza dream ended. Isn't that just the most frustrating thing when a dream is interrupted? Maybe that means something too. Happy Dreaming!

molly said...

Dee - Thanks for the "not nuts" vote. The jury is still out....

Anna-banana - What it means is my bladder saying "Enough of this nonsense. Get me to the bathroom!"