Saturday, October 07, 2006

Blue for a Boy

Somedays I get an overwhelming urge to do something new and creative---and no, if I've been working on it for two years it doesn't qualify! Yesterday
was such a day. Having recently let my mouth get me in trouble [repeat after me: "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing,"] I have been summarily lopped from the family tree, perhaps permanently. Maybe creativity justifies use of space and oxygen. Who knows? Not me.

And so to the sewing room! Some friends of the YB recently provided a reason for creativity. They had a baby. "And it must follow as the night the day," when someone has a baby, I make a quilt. Not a five year project, painstakingly hand stitched for a sweet grandson who has our blood coursing through his veins, obviously, but a quickly and enthusiastically machine stitched project I can race to the finish line with before the devil knows what I'm up to.

I had a small stack of six-inch churn dash blocks, in various shades of blue on a light blue background. I had made them a few years ago, for the quilt I was making for T, my first grandson. But I changed my mind [a woman's prerogative!] , and that quilt went in a different direction. The blocks had been languishing, unloved, in a box ever since. "But today, my darlings, is your lucky day. You're going to be the stars of my next production!"

I spread them out on the floor, El Pussygato's cue to arrive on the scene and throw himself down for a langurous stretch right in the middle. That's one quilt-crazy cat. Or maybe he's just trying to get my attention? Hello? She's making a quilt - aha! If I throw myself down here she's bound to notice me and scratch behind my left ear --- or, at the very least, throw a pincushion my way --- some acknowledgement of my existence.

Too much blue, I thought. With more blue background and some yellow in hand, I sat in front of my sewing machine. Soon I had a happy arrangement of blocks, the yellow adding some oomph! to the blues.

Several days later.....

Top finished, borders on, layered, basted, bound and DONE!! And its only five days since I started. QED ---- that it could be done [by me, the queen of procrastination.]


Lily said...

Congrats on the finished project. But, to clarify, YB is 19, right? So these are some much older friends, right? Sigh. Maybe I should have had my children younger. Right now they are aging me quickly and I'll be ninety before they graduate.

Anonymous said...

I'll be ninety before I get a quilt and I DO have your blood coursing through my veins! \unowho

meggie said...

Molly, I have come to look at you after finding your comments on my blog.

Wonder what it is with all of us tooth lengthening lot, that we want so desperately to blog?

I consider I have lived a fairly full life, & tried all sorts of jobs to earn my way, & done all sorts of interesting things, so dont need to 'prove' my identity... but still, I like the thought of the blog & the fact that some day perhaps my family might like to 'read my life'.

Hope you learn to upload photos of your quilts, I would love to see them!

My email address is, if you would like to send me an email.
I tried to get it on my blog, but have the feeling it is only on my profile page.

I am still learning & have only been doing this about 2 months-almost!

Sorry to hog your comment box!