Thursday, October 26, 2006

CSM [Chocolate Seeking Missile].

There is no trouble in life whose sting cannot be, at least temporarily, alleviated by chocolate. I have prowled the pantry late at night, searching, searching......."What are you hungry for when you don't know what you're hungry for?" Chocolate! Don't know what sets the craving in motion. A full moon? A strange cosmic beam? A particular alignment of heavenly bodies?Or sadness? Longing? Loneliness? Whatever. It will not be ignored!

From the snows of the north he came, to where the palm trees grow, just for the weekend. And when he left again I realised just how lonesome I've been without my Old Curmudgeon. Almost four tumultuous decades and many mutinous plots to pack and leave and now, I miss him? So much that the lonely drive back from the airport triggered a craving. To the kitchen, the kitchen. I'm a chocolate seeking missile. Mutter, mutter, mutter, gotta be here somewhere. At last. In the refrigerator. Two week old, dried out, crusty brownies. That still tasted like heaven!

Munching, munching. Thought occurs. How did we get from there--- when a pan of brownies was GONE before the pan cooled, to here---when a pan of brownies lasts for WEEKS?

Better now. Will survive 'til Thanksgiving. And still they linger. Anyone for a crusty, dried out, two week old brownie? It'll cure what ails ya, guaranteed!


Jess said...

Oh, but they're heaven with ie cream - like little sweet chewy-crispy chocolate croutons.

Jess, a texture eater

Lily said...

Woman! You are making me sad. I guess it's good that you miss him. We're excited to host the Thanksgiving reunion.

meggie said...

I have packed & plotted the same way, over the years!
How your blog sparks recognition!

My daughter told me yesterday, that there was one terrible stage when she thought I would actually go! And then it got soooo terrible she suddenly knew I wouldnt!

Keep on blogging!
As to chocolate- I have just been given a large box of chockies, for doing a favour for DJ's friend. GOM is the chocoholic in our family, so I am sharing!