Sunday, October 29, 2006

No Pressure.....

In the spirit of "Don't go out in the sun between ten and two," I'm making myself a new rule. Something like "Keep your butt away from the computer between the hours of, say, nine and six." Otherwise nothing gets done. There's a house to be maintained, weeds to be pulled, quilts to be finished. But, of more immediate importance, there are two cans of paint putting roots down through the tile in my laundry room. If I'm messing about on the 'puter the dull white walls will never be transformed to "pale cowslip", which I desperately want.

How to make this change now? With the NaBloPoMo thing looming? There will be a lot of drivel, my friends. As it is, I write reams of rubbish, then walk away, do a load of laundry, go grocery shopping, do sudoko. Later, I slash and burn my way through the verbiage in search of what I'm trying to say. Sometimes I find it. Other times I don't. You can always play with it some more tomorrow. Before nine. After six. No pressure......except in November. November should be a trip.


Lily said...

Good luck sticking to your rule -- hopefully we'll still hear from you just as often.

meggie said...

Good luck with November. I would have done the NaBlo etc, but I will be travelling about!
I wonder if I will suffer withdrawal symptoms??

Stomper Girl said...

I need to make a rule too, especially with visitors about to descend and the guest room being currently impregnable with things-that-need-sorting and both kids wearing clothes too small because their wardrobes haven't been sorted since they had their last growth spurt. And then I just sit down, just to have a quick look ... and before I know it its time to do the school run. Aaargh!
Blogging. It's so addictive.
PS I love sudokus too.
PPS Yes, the TNMT(urtles) are back!