Monday, November 30, 2009

Done With The Daftness!

When Rise coaxed me into joining her in the daft madness of promising to post every day for thirty days I was dubious. I fell by the wayside last time I tried; rebelled against the "must" of it all, dug in my heels and quit. Around here there's shame in quitting, but I stubbornly believe that, sometimes, it's the only sane thing to do. Or maybe the only sanity-saving thing to do. There's vanity involved you see. Can't have people reading drivel and knowing it was written by me! I scraped through this time, and there was drivel involved, vanity notwithstanding. I couldn't let her down a second time!

I think the idea behind Nablopomo is to discipline yourself to write every day, which is commonplace writing advice. If you only write when you have a brilliant idea you'll be writing very little. The hope might also be that all that discipline and daily writing will make you a better writer. Hmmmmm! I'm not seeing the improvement. Maybe we need to stay at it for another month Rise? No! No! I'm joking!

I have loved hearing from the Blister every day. I'll miss that. I hope that she'll continue with at least a post per week, which is about my own blogging comfort level. Thank all of you loyal supporters who encouraged me with comments, even when you had to get really creative to do so!

And now to the "leaba" --- sounds like "labba" --- Irish for bed, though Rise would have you think it was "scratcher!" I might even dream a little---but not about anything so daft as a post every day!


Pauline said...

I really enjoyed reading here and at Rise's every day. (You will notice I did not join you.) I used to write every day just to get a publishable column once a week and I kept a daily journal for years. I've become a slacker.

riseoutofme said...

Who was the one who had the horsehair mattress???

Correct ... the runt of the litter..

So a scratcher it remains ...

Pam said...

Well, I've enjoyed it too and I think you should continue. Come on - you could do it for a year, couldn't you? Couldn't you?

Thimbleanna said...

Once again, the very perceptive Isabelle has hit the nail on the head -- couldn't you do it for a year? Please? I loved hearing from you every day and I'm beyond impressed that you stuck with it in spite of your trip in the middle of it all!

Meggie said...

We enjoyed your posts, no matter how mundane you may have thought them to be.
I seem to have lost impetus, & indeed, much of the joy. Not sure why. As Thirdcat would say, 'Because of Reasons'.