Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's the finished mystery knitting from earlier in the week! Are you kicking yourself? It wasn't so difficult to see, now was it? And that piece of furniture? You keep it by the chair where you knit and keep your yarn in the bowl part, which being rounded and smooth, allows the yarn to unwind easily as needed. So there !

All across this vast country tonight people are preparing turkeys for their Thanksgiving feast. Ours is in a bucket of apple brine in the garage. An OC discovery that roasts outside on the barbeque grill, it is the most delicious way ever to cook a turkey! An added plus, since it cooks outside, is that it frees the oven for sweet potatoes, green bean casseroles, corn bread, pies and stuffing.

Pumpkin and pecan pies are cooling on the counter; cole slaw is all shredded and mixed and chilling in the fridge; the Bean is planning to make homemade cranberry sauce in the morning. Chicken liver stuffing, a la mother-in-law [whom we'll be missing], remains to be made, along with gravy and rolls.

But what about my pilgrims? Scattered to the four corners. Thanksgiving always stirs mixed feelings in me. It's a lovely idea and television always rubs it in, showing multi generational families gathering 'round a groaning table. But the airlines are working to make sure that this is a pipe dream for many. Thanksgiving is the most expensive time of year to fly. We will make phone calls tomorrow and content ourselves with hearing their voices......Then we will sit at our not so crowded table and be grateful for our many blessings; for health and home and employment; for education and transportation; for music and books and fabric and yarn and friends; for freedom to say and think and feel without fear; and most of all for the blessings of each other, those present and those not. And I will say my own silent, fervent prayer that those who cannot be here will be safe and loved and among friends, and know that I miss them sorely and will always love them.


Thimbleanna said...

Gosh! I am kicking myself! That's cute as can be! A very lovely post Ms. Molly -- your meal sounds just like ours with the exception of the turkey method (sounds fab although awfully cold here) and the chicken livers. Happy Thanksgiving!

persiflage said...

This sounds so much better and nicer than Halloween. Those times when families gather, or make contact if they cannot be together in body, are the best of times.

Pauline said...

Sounds like a good Thanksgiving despite the missing family - I will be doing the same, missing those whom I get to see just once every year or two. Happy Thanksgiving Molly!

riseoutofme said...

Happy Thanksgiving Molly! Will be thinking of you all today ... missing you.

Am a tad disappointed that my guess was incorrect .... but at least I was right about the gender ... it is a male doll right?

raining sheep said...

Happy American thanksgiving Molly! I love the little toy - so cute. I don't care what you say about easy - toys are small and fidly and totally made with love.

Birdydownunder said...

I aree Molly... all celebrations are geared to make us homesick for family.
But we have to take heart that we gave them the courage to travel this world without us.... and we can say the quiet private prayer. hugs from downunder