Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wherein I do Not Quit, Thanks To Pauline.

Rise and I have been floundering....a post a day for thirty days? Were we out of our minds? And then I read a comment from Pauline, who has loyally encouraged us along the way, regardless of what we wrote [and whether or not it was worth reading!] Yesterday Rise hit a low point and Pauline had this to say:

" A post is a post is a post - inspiration is often highly overrated. Just write your day, or your thoughts about your day, or what you wish your day might have been. Or do as you have done, post your weariness. Life is life, Rise, and you have risen to the occasion!"

She is so right. Thanks Pauline! You said it to Rise, but I was paying attention too!

It was an early start to the airport yesterday, but The Bean, having come back from school the night before, gamely dragged himself from the scratcher [Rise's word], and off we went to the airport, cat-less.

The OC, spending as much time in the sky as he does, travels light, with only his carry-on. But people, we're headed to Ohio, in November, brrrrr! So he was a man about it and said nothing at my definitely-not-carry-on-size suitcase. Even checked his own, since, what the heck, we were going to have to wait at baggage claim anyway. It's taken me years, but I think I'm taming him.....

I trotted along meekly, not having to think, since The Thinker had it all in hand. Trot to baggage claim, trot to car rental....and then we were there! Pulling into Lily's drive way! And here she comes, a vision of loveliness, in her jeans and her pretty green sweater, and I have to pinch myself, as I always do, at the fact that we gave birth to this wonder. Proof indeed that "They come through you but not from you." There were munchkins too, skittering just out of reach, to avoid the danger of being hugged! And football throwing and Grandad wrestling and oh, I love the new paint job in your kitchen! and what are you knitting and what are you reading, and Oh! Joy! The Buckeyes won!

And dinner at Giusseppe's and ice cream at Graeter's and heads bumping and howls resulting, and hugs, but only from Mommy, and peace restored and all finally, exhausted, to bed!


Thimbleanna said...

Thank you Pauline! So glad you made it safely. Loved your post -- isn't it truly a wonder to look at these grown children? And their children?

thailandchani said...

Oh, yes! You can do it! You can keep going. You're already half done! :)


silfert said...

This is why I need Internet access -- I miss reading about adventures great and small!

riseoutofme said...

Enjoy! I'm sure Casper will survive just fine in the tender arms of the Bean.

You may have another tier on your hands when you return ... which is when??

Meggie said...

Beautifully told! Grandchildren are so wonderful, but our own children remain wonderful also.

persiflage said...

Good for Pauline, and good for you too. What a joy to read about your family reunions. Who is minding the cat?