Monday, November 06, 2006

Beware, All ye Who Enter Here

I'm a grizzly bear. With maternal instincts. And fearsome claws. Don't get between me and my cubs, or the he-Bear either. It won't go well for you...... Growl, lumbering off into the woods.

Had a large slice of humble pie tonight, served by one who ignored the above warning. The choices were my pride, or irreparable damage to the fabric of family. Practiced some deep breathing en route to the table, to calm the agitated bird trapped in my chest and frantically trying to get out. The pie was dished up with a bowl of failings-and-faults soup, and a side of hair shirt. Humble would not make it onto a list of my favourite pies. I prefer apple or pecan or chocolate. The taste is less bitter and they don't give me indigestion.


Lily said...

Oh dear. You know that humble pie is never served all at once over there -- they'll be forcing it down your throat every time you go over. What a big girl you are for eating it so nicely. When you come for Thanksgiving we'll have no humble pie... apple, pumpkin, pecan mmmmm.

meggie said...

Treat yourself to some chocolate to take away the pain?