Monday, November 13, 2006

Word Conservation -- Is it Just a Guy Thing?

If a person is making a quilt and seeks input from the Old Curmudgeon, perhaps asking "which do you think I should use, the blue or the green?" the most likely answer is an absentminded "Yes, dear." Infuriating as this is, the quilt-making person, being an optimist, keeps trying. After all, she knows what he is capable of. That summer of nineteen sixty something, they discussed all sorts of philosophical questions, far into the night. Granted, this was partly due to the fact that the person now making the quilt was resistant to attempts at other activities. Because, don't you know, of the nuns standing behind the couch in his parents' basement in Brooklyn.
So how did they get from there--talking their heads off all summer-- to here, where the OC wants the quiltmaker, if she must speak, to get her point across in five words or less, and his eyes glaze over when she doesn't? Has he [say it isn't so!] grown weary of her blathering? Words are toys. She plays with them and moves them around. " Getting creative," he calls it, and she feels vaguely guilty. And retreats to her sewing room and decides on the green, and busies herself quilting.


meggie said...

Hi Molly, I have been by Lukey & enjoyed every word.
But, I digress, .. to get to the point here, I have oft consulted with the GOM over the quilt choices.. only to met with similar 'walls'. But, he bloody well knows what he likes, & bugger the Art Community!! So to Speak!

You cant win, I have decided, & I just go with my gut!

Anonymous said...

I imagine guys are more talkative about things they enjoy. Cars and sports and tools and stuff. I really haven't a clue.

Lily said...

I think 2Bs might tell you it's a genetic thing. Hope you're able to get your blog done tonight despite my "help".

Stomper Girl said...

Ah, but sometimes it can run both ways. I tell mine my latest very interesting dance doings, and he bores me rigid with talk of the engines he's fixed. We get by.

Anonymous said...

"Blue... No, Gree...! Aaaaaaaagh!"

Sorry, couldn't resist. I have told my wife that if she wants to ask me a question like that (and I don't mind if she does), she needs to get my attention first. Then when I look up, ask away. If she asks before I look at, her she will probably have to ask again, because I won't hear it.