Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm Just a Woman in a Big Empty House

I'm usually quite content with silence, but, while making pancakes this morning, I thought I'd liven things up with a little music......and maybe shake the YB [home for the w.e.] from his slumbers. So I put on the Moody Blues and cranked the volume. To the frenetic strains of "I'm just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band " I poured and flipped. While waiting for bubbles, I boogied around the kitchen, singing along and waving my microphone [aka my spatula]. Not a stir from the sleeping giant. It wasn't until I switched to the mournful and beautiful "Songs from a Secret Garden" that he came stumbling out to the kitchen to know what all the caterwauling was about. Go figure.


meggie said...

Oh Molly, I had forgotten about the Moody Blues!
One of our friends just loved them, always think of him when I hear them.
Yes, our young waste chunks of their lives in their beds.
But I was never a 'morning person' when young. Am now, & not just out of necessity!

Anonymous said...

Caterwauling! LOL. A can sleep through four kids, but I think caterwauling would do me in, too.

I am cheering for you in the NaBloPoMo. I am enjoying your blog and will be reading each day after I make my own post. Keep it up.