Monday, November 20, 2006

Hangin' Out in Heaven

One thing that would make me very happy after I die would be to discover that heaven was a library. Note to God: if You like this idea, you can get some pointers for the design by checking out the downtown library in Columbus, where we went this morning. Not only was it heavenly, it was warm. Which, outside, it was not. Florida turns people into weather wimps. If it drops to sixty, we think it's cold. But, back to the warm, heavenly library.

We were on a hunt for a sweater pattern for DD to knit. She wants "simple", I'm trying to encourage " adventurous". Which harks back to her childhood --- "no mommy, please let's NOT turn up this interesting looking side road, and get lost and run out of gas and have to push the car home, again..." She has a talent for exaggeration.....My eyes watered at the number of books available for us to browse through. We selected a "few" and staggered to the childrens' section to peruse them while T, 3 1/2 and B, 2 1/2 played in a childrens' play area that was about the size of our entire library at home. We had to beg and cajole when it was time to leave, they were so absorbed........DD checked out several knitting books, the boys some picture books, and I "Saturday" by Ian Mc Ewan, and "Dancing with Cats", which a good friend raved to me about a few months ago. A cursory glance through it makes me think it was written for crazy people, by crazy people, about crazy people and their crazy cats.............But a library is proof that there is room on earth, and in heaven, for all of us.


Molly said...

I guess my husband and I have a match made in heaven as we met in a library. As a book lover, you might enjoy this blog, The Magic of Books

Kelli said...

I'll be interested to hear what you think of Saturday - I read that last winter. Also, if you like Ian McEwan I HIGHLY recommend Atonement - I read that book in London 5 years ago and I still think about it on a regular basis.
Happy Reading!

Becky in FL said...

Oh, I am jealous! Heaven for me would be a library, too. It is just the right combination of social and solitary combined with informaton about anything you can think of.

Even better, it is democratic. I love that anybody can go to the library to look up anything. I like that the books are all lined up according to subject, or -- even better -- the alphabet, so none gets to hog the special shelves. Where else can you go and not feel that somebody's paying somebody else to persuade you of something.