Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Pair of Quilts for a Pair of Boys

Since I am residing for the week at the house of the All Knowing One , at least in the blog realm, I thought I'd take advantage of her expertise to post pictures of some of my quilts. Trying to do this at home by myself is an invitation to frustration.

Trucks for T, was made for T, my oldest [at 3 1/2] grandson. I made it in the summer of 2004, when my sister was visiting. She helped a lot and kept me focused! The blocks are machine pieced, from a book whose name I can't remember. I machine quilted "in the ditch" and hand quilted in the sashing.

Bunnies for B, was made for T's little brother. It evolved from an attempt to put to good use an enormous pile of scraps that was threatening to take over the surface of my sewing table. The attempt took the form of nine patches. Then, instead of tucking them away in a drawer, I spread them out on the floor and started playing with them, and this was the result. The bunnies are hand appliqued and were added just for B. I quilted "in the ditch" again and did some hand quilting in the border.

Proof positive that I do occasionally finish something . Thanks AKO [aka daughter dear]


Becky in FL said...

Wow! Proof positive that you quilt as well as you write. Bet they love 'em!

P.S. YS and I watched Animal Planet together this evening, he on the couch and I in my recliner. He was so rapt, I got up quietly and took a picture. Where were the girls? Just out of sight, watching us.

Pam said...

Lovely! You are clever. And diligent. And perhaps no longer a wage slave.

Kelli said...

Very cool.
You and Liz are so cute - together and blogging. I love it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

velcro said...

The FB is incredibly impressed with the truck quilt!

Stomper Girl said...

They are gorgeous, especially the rainbow bunnies.

Jess said...


Very pretty, Molly!