Friday, November 24, 2006

Five Books Meme

Take five books off your bookshelf. I'm at DD's house. Took four from her bookshelf, close enough. And one I borrowed from the library here.

First book---first sentence.
Second book---last sentence on page fifty.
Third book---second sentence on page one hundred.
Fourth book---next to last sentence on page one hundred fifty.
Fifth book---final sentence of the book

#1. "A tall, slim girl,"half-past sixteen," with serious gray eyes and hair which her friends called auburn, had sat down on the broad red sandstone doorstep of a Prince Edward Island farmhouse one ripe afternoon in August, firmly resolved to construe so many lines of Virgil."
My daughter devoured the "Anne" books by Lucy Maud Montgomery when she was younger and is very miffed at me that I have yet to read of these days.

#2. "Take it from someone who has left the backpack full of bricks far behind, and every day feels light as a feather." From "Being Perfect" by Anna Quindlen.

#3. "As they walk on, Nigel makes a limp-wristed dismissive gesture." From "Saturday" by Ian McEwan.

#4. "But this seems like a poor trade-off for the unhappiness we continue to endure." From "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama.

#5. "May your soul smile in the embrace of your anam cara." From "Anam Cara--a book of Celtic Wisdom" by John O'Donohue.

With thanks to Jess at Daysgoby who saved me from having to think today.......and it was fun.


Pam said...

Your daughter's right; the Anne books are great; or at least, they were when I was young. I've never read any of the Brontes, for some reason. Keep thinking I will but never quite do. I know the stories and feel I've read them.

Becky in FL said...

Oh dear. Feeling one of those sneaky, undefined longings after reading your books blog, yet wanting to make a proper comment, I did what I always do, sought more information. But Jess's blog completely confused me. What the... oh God, she's talking about potty training! Wrong post, obviously, but the larger world is suddenly very scarey, and I left empty-handed, thump-landed back in my comfortable little cocoon. The Internet makes that so easy. So I have nothing special to say. I'm sorry. And my jarred nerves are begging for a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there! I discovered your blog through the Randomizer. I like the idea of this meme so I think I'll be propagating it.