Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mary Had a Little Blog

I love coffee. I love that it kicks me awake in the morning. And I love NaBloPoMo. I love that it makes me do what I want to do anyway---write---and no procrastinating. But too much of either gives me the jitters. Got my post done late last night. Was about to hit publish when " glug....", horrors! my post disappeared. Once I'm done and ready to hit that P button, we're only five minutes away from me having no recollection of what I wrote. I had to work fast to catch the coattails of what I'd written before it galloped off into oblivion. I like to think of this phenomenon as my brain's way of decluttering.......Some, however , say it's CRS syndrome. Can't Remember......yeah, that's it.
So I wondered if I might give my brain a rest tonight and recite some nursery rhymes. How about

"Mary had a little blog, oops, I mean lamb," or

"Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does the blogging go? " or

"If you should see a blogophile, don't take a stick and poke him," or

"Little Jack Horner sat in the corner, writing his blog on the sly..." or

"Little boy blue come write your blog," or

"Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to see if her blog was there,"or

"A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock blogger,
What makes you blog so soon?
You used to blog at ten o'clock
But now you blog at noon." or

" Little Bo Peep has lost her mind
and doesn't know where to find it;
Leave it alone and it'll come home
Dragging her blog behind it." or

'Three blind mice, three blind mice,
See how they blog, see how they blog;
They all ran after NaBloPoMo
But wrote, sad to say, too slow, slow, slow
Did you ever see such a show, show, show
As three madly blogging blind mice."

I think I'll go to bed now. And in the morning I'll be having tea for breakfast........with tranquilizers.

According to Webster's ---
Addiction: enthusiastic devotion, strong inclination, or frequent indulgence. Obsession: the act of a devil or a spirit in besetting a person or impelling him to action................any questions?



Lil' Bo Peep lost her mind
Doesn't know where to find it
Leave it alone, it'll come home
Read 'History' Post, you'll find it

Sorry, I could not resist! reb

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked the Mistress Mary one best.

Anonymous said...

In stitches here at 5:20 am, trying not to wake everyone.

molly said...

Ahh....thank you, I think , for your comment, snake hunters. Visited your blog. Am greatly puzzled---you seem to have strayed off your usual path....?

Anonymous said...

The 10'o clock blogger one is gold.


You are perceptive, not dense at all. Most of us are bewildered by
the complexity of War, and Islam's
Madhi Prophet. The 12th Imam.

The 'Hate-Kill Culture', adult men
flying Airplanes into buildings, kids eagerly strapping on bombs,etc

Confusion is not a weakness!

Please read History post.

meggie said...

Hmmmn Nursery Rhymes.
Had recently been discussing the 'undertones' of same.
I dont think today's children learn them the way we did.

Molly said...

After tea, did you have a good rest. I enjoyed your rhymes. I am glad that you are enjoying NaBloPoMo; the thought petrifies me.

After reading your profile, I do note some similarities. The most obvious is my name is Molly too, and I have been married many years as well...almost 40.