Friday, November 10, 2006

Ten Happy Things

  1. Children who phone home--can you hear me over there in the northern UK?
  2. Letters from friends.
  3. Polish pottery.
  4. Beautiful fabric.
  5. "Dream a Little Dream of Me".
  6. Visitors bearing chocolate.
  7. Being by the sea.
  8. The giant redwoods of northern California.
  9. A book I can't put down.
  10. Hugs from an old curmudgeon.


Becky in FL said...

I wonder if fall brings out the list in us? Maybe making lists is a modern expression of the old drive to prepare for winter, the equivalent of piling squashes, bagging onions, or aligning the jars on their shelves. I am also thinking of lists. This morning's is: "Things I want to have accomplished by the end of every day." My favorite list of all times, though, is a lot like yours. It is "100 Things I Love".

molly said...

So....administer CPR to The Blog that Wasn't, and share your list.

meggie said...

Haha, caught again! I checked out Lukey Barlow before only to find the cupboard was bare!!
C'mon Lukey share!! Good things are always worth a read.

Love your list Molly. I would have a similar one - only different!
Coming from Ireland, you may get my drift?

Anonymous said...

Good list. How is the one in the northern UK?