Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Comfy in our Little Rut

Adding 'coffee beans' to the list on my fridge this morning I paused, pen in mid air, and decided to live dangerously. Also known [accusingly, by the Old Curmudgeon] as Trying to Change my Lifestyle, Living Dangerously means buying toothpaste other than Colgate, mouthwash other than Listerine, beans instead of ground, so, with a flourish of my favourite weapon, I added '....or ground'. And then I thought I might really go for the gusto and buy something other than Starbucks.........maybe Seattle's Finest .......just hope there won't be an earthquake. I'd feel responsible.


Jeanne said...

I'm smiling about your grocery list and **CHANGE**

Just very recently my older son left home [again], so we're [re]adjusting to an empty nest. One of the changes I'm currently making is shopping for quality at the market rather than all those years of quantity. I am treating myself to good coffee now instead of using a coupon and getting whatever is the cheapest. My husband doesn't quite have the hang of this yet.

Jeanne :)

meggie said...

It is sometimes fun to pop out of the rut!
I have almost given up coffee, so dont mind how it comes.
But when I caught myself feeling annoyed if I couldnt use "my" cup- well, I just used another, every time!

Angela said...

Good for you for shaking it up a bit! If you really want to try some great coffee, order some Intelligentsia They offer 1/2 lb bags so you can try a few different blends to find what suits your taste best. Their House Blend is very good.

No, I don't work for them. ;)