Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Countdown

Turkey soaking in brine?...check
Gravy recipe at the ready?...check
All the makings for corn pudding?...check
Potatoes for mashing?...check
Coleslaw made?...check
Cranberries and orange juice ready for relish?...check
Piecrust and apples ready for pie assembly?...check
Pumpkin pie ready?....check
YB collected from airport?...check
Old Curmudgeon en route?...check
Everyones' sense of humour in good working order?...maybe

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry you Canadians and Australians can't join us!


Pam said...

Well, happy Tbanksgiving (is it today? We Brits don't know about it either, remember). Have a lovely family time.

I've now read all your past posts and I really really enjoyed them. Are you published? If so, I want to read it.

You don't want to be a wage slave, do you? I'm so looking forward to being retired...

Becky in FL said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Molly!